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    Help please interior blower not working and nore is replacement

    Disconnect and reconnect the battery,was it a vcds scan you hado done ?
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    2005 A3 3.2 V6 DSG engine issue

    I had to replace my ect as is was sporadic
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    2005 A3 3.2 V6 DSG engine issue

    Changing your cam cover can been done on the ground it's quite simple intake removed throttle body cleaned ,I would think if the pcv was faulty you would hear it . You could try TB adaption with vcds also log your airflow ,I take it your air box and filter are good.
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    Genuine reversing camera for a b7 Estate

    HI all I have been scouring the net for answers I have found most online however I am still unsure about connecting to the can bus and the positive feed to the camera module without cutting into the head unit harness, the car is still under warranty and would like to keep it factory ,it would be...
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    access codes

    Yes it is the b7 Passat however are the codes published anywhere I am at a loss Cheers
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    access codes

    Sorry who ?
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    access codes

    Yes, the boot module I have tried "12345"that is supposed to work with the Octavia however my 2014 Passat rejects it ,I want to enable remote closure. My vcds is current and genuine Cheers
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    access codes

    Hi Bit of a general question, I would like to know how to find the security access codes for vag modules as I am struggling to access a boot module. Cheers
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    2014 passat vcds help

    Hi Can anyone give me instruction on how to enable auto folding mirror's and remote electric boot closure via the key with vcds, totally struggling with it. The car is a 2014 Passat executive estate Cheers
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    How will the US emissions scandal affect UK A3 owners?

    To be honest if the solicitors get a enough names to act on it is possible that a lot of damage could be done to vag meaning we could all be driving about in cars with limited support just like those who bought mg /rover as they folded. Ok vw is worth billions but it looks like they need that...
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    B7 Passat auto wipers

    hi I have recently bought a 2014 b7 Passat executive estate dog it is fitted with auto lights however I want to enable the auto wipers I found a guide online but I can't seem to find the option in the module
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    s3 air con not working

    I don't think your guy would have fully charged it without running it as once the system equalises with the cylinder pressure he would have to run it to pull the suction pressure down to complete the charge
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    Passat b7 keyless

    I collected my b7 estate today it is fitted with keyless entry for the doors I thought it meant I could open the boot by waving my foot under the bumper ,however I think it doesn't have the feature and wondered if I could retrofit this ?
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    To be or not to be dsg

    Finally I changed my car to a b7 Passat dsg and after an hour driving it I dont think I will go back to manual
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    Audi A3 8P

    Have it scanned with vcds to see if anything is holding it out on the control circuit
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    Air conditioning help

    Think quick fit is £50 and if it's not cooler it's free I think ,I have all the kit and I wouldn't do it for as little
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    Intermittent air-con

    Sounds typical of moisture in the system as it forms a blockage of ice at the expansion valve and will clear when the system is off al if melts however it could also be a faulty expansion valve ,it may also be worth trying changing the drier and giving it a really good vac to dry the system out
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    Intermittent air-con

    Its kind of a funny one but providing it is operating normally on the controls side would say that your system is choking with moisture especially if it was to work when you first switch it on after an extended off period
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    A4 B6 - removing air-con

    Just leave it in as it won't make any difference removing it providing no play is evident causing belt tension issues
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    B6 Magnetic pulley

    have you checked the clutch is getting a supply. Also if your clutch is engaged you will see the center spin you could have issues with sensors such as your g65 hp sensor a scan with vcds would show this