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    Rs3 staggered rotors on s3 PFL

    Just out of interest where did you get them from?
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    Rs3 staggered rotors on s3 PFL

    Thanks all, great help, there are lots of very accurate replicas about that save having the stagger. So that might be a consideration
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    Wanted RS3 19” rotor wheels/tyres.

    I am after a full set of 4, Audi rs3 rotors 19” either black/diamond cut or the titanium grey/diamond cut, These need to be immaculate please Tyres or no tyres happy either way.
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    Rs3 staggered rotors on s3 PFL

    Hi guys, so throughout last night i think I’ve read most of if not all posts relating to the fitting of the 19inch staggered rs3 rotors to an s3. HOWEVER…. I can not find the answer I am after, There are very different opinions and no clean cut answer, I too am looking at purchasing a set of rs3...