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  1. s3joe

    Pressure washer reccomendations please......

    Yer but you really get what you pay for with things. I have got the TST1152 I paid £650 for it 6 years ago and the only thing it has needed is a oil change and has not missed a beat since.
  2. s3joe

    Pressure washer reccomendations please......

    Buy a kranzle German made very powerful and all the parts are brass and stainless steel you won’t look back.
  3. s3joe

    Anyone use Carbon Collective..

    Yer as i say there is a lot better products out there i have been into it for many years
  4. s3joe

    Anyone use Carbon Collective..

    Yer they do ceramic coating but its a personal thing i don't know how much your into detailing but there is better products out there that you will find you prefer
  5. s3joe

    Anyone use Carbon Collective..

    I am not a fan of it one bit I am more of a dodo juice or auto fineness kind of man
  6. s3joe

    Wheel Cleaner That Works

    not if you use a light one on the affected areas it works well
  7. s3joe

    Wheel Cleaner That Works

    If all else fails try clay
  8. s3joe

    Quick aquaphobic products for car windscreen

    Nanolex ultra glass for me lasts about 3 years if applied correctly
  9. s3joe

    Recommend me a good online detailing product company

    Polished bliss or monza
  10. s3joe

    Nano-Coating behaviour?

    It’s not been done properly than as with them products you don’t even need to wash it just snow foam and jet wash job done I can dig some pics out of the way it was.
  11. s3joe

    Nano-Coating behaviour?

    Who done your C1 exo coatings as they should be baked on and left for a good few hours before driving the car as that does not sound rite to me as i have had it done in the past and it was smooth
  12. s3joe

    Quick and easy leather wipes?

    Dr leather wipes can not go wrong with them.
  13. s3joe

    Anyone got a machine polisher I could borrow in the Manchester area?

    Get yourself a meguires microfibre system as I don't think many would lend a machine out to be honest.
  14. s3joe

    Good Hand Car washes - Glasgow Area ?

    Absolute valeting
  15. s3joe

    Northwest Detailer..

    You will need to get it booked in now for a good one as they are hard to get sometimes. Try griffiths detailing.
  16. s3joe

    Wheel sealant

    Carbon collective platinum wheels is better and cheeper and fine on dimaond cut face.
  17. s3joe

    How to remove mark left by dash phone mount

    Try cleaning your dash with apc and than re apply a dressing should be ok than
  18. s3joe

    Post mirror detail

    looks crisp
  19. s3joe

    Damaged caused by rotary buffer - Repairable?

    Silver is one of the hardest as if you loose pressure in your gun it can change the colour.
  20. s3joe

    Best Snow Foam

    Valet pro natural for me