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  1. AudiSpy

    Audi convert

    Once you go buy an Audi and never go back :)
  2. AudiSpy

    RS3 owner new to the forum

    Welcome along!
  3. AudiSpy


    Welcome back!
  4. AudiSpy

    Hello from Bedfordshire!

    Welcome along! A great pair of cars there :)
  5. AudiSpy


    Things got a bit backed up recently after the storms a few weeks ago - it really made a mess of things. So ships got delayed and that meant that with all of them coming over meant in flux of cars all at once. Obviously this doesn't help you however so fingers crossed they get through them soon!
  6. AudiSpy

    My first Audi....

    You sir have come to the right place, welcome to the club and enjoy the S3 a brilliant car!
  7. AudiSpy

    First Post!

    Welcome, I can categorically tell you that Google is indeed quite correct. We get almost as much monthly traffic to this site as Audi does to their website. As Sandra said post up in the A1 section, A1 is a great little car and personally i'm a Red car fan (on number 3 red one so I...
  8. AudiSpy

    Hello from Lancashire...

    Hello and welcome! Where about in the North are you from?
  9. AudiSpy

    Hello *waves* new TT owner here

    * Waves Back* Welcome to the club. Floret is a good colour for the TT (and in general) enjoy!
  10. AudiSpy

    Back again

    Welcome back! Great car as well, I always feel the bi turbo is underrated for how good it is, because it's seriously good.
  11. AudiSpy

    Yet another from Scotland

    Welcome along! Remember to share some pictures with us when it arrives : )
  12. AudiSpy

    Hello From Sunny Scotland

    Well, sun in Scotland eh whatever next! Enjoy the deep clean of the car too.
  13. AudiSpy

    Hello From Sunny Scotland

    Pictures of sunny Scotland or it didn't happen! Welcome along :P
  14. AudiSpy

    Newbie looking to be an Audi A3 owner

    Welcome along! Great choice in your new car. Take a good browse through the A3 section on the forum and you'll soon be up on the knowledge on them. On bhp depends on your fancy and usage of the car. I had a 2012 1.6 diesel which was 105bhp and was actually pretty fun and very good on fuel. Drove...
  15. AudiSpy

    Back again!

    Welcome back!
  16. AudiSpy

    Almost a newbie

    Welcome back!
  17. AudiSpy

    New Member - RS6

    Welcome, you have come to the right place!
  18. AudiSpy

    Hello All! Newbie from Glasgow =)

    Welcome along! Just in time indeed : )
  19. AudiSpy

    Hi from the Tower Of London

    Hello to the Tower of London, how's it going in there? New car spec sounds awesome roll on the 22nd July!
  20. AudiSpy

    New to this forum

    Welcome back! Hope you are enjoying your new car, get delving through the forum and i'm sure you'll find some warranty friendly mods