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  1. dutch_8y

    B&O rear sub wet fart noise

    Got the same issue, my car is going in on the 25th of Jan. Audi technician listened to my sub and also said this is not normal.
  2. dutch_8y

    RS Taillight Animation on A3/S3

    Look up pure wrap on Facebook, they ask 350 euro for it to do it remotely
  3. dutch_8y

    What have you done to your 8Y today?

    Hi mate, how did you remove the trim panel at the passenger side with the audi logo in it? Looking to wrap mine in carbon to but can't find the where and how to remove it properly
  4. dutch_8y

    RS headlight animation

    Found someone that is able to code the RS animation + signature to the front Matrix LED’s for €250 excluding the VAS5054A cable a €130. Quite steep. ‍
  5. dutch_8y

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8Y In Here

    2 months in, loving it so far
  6. dutch_8y

    RS Taillight Animation on A3/S3

    Anybody got the RS style signature 'flag' working on the Matrix Led headlights? Does not seem to find anything about it online.