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  1. cosmicblue

    Q3 2013 Q3 TDI S Tronic Quattro - worth buying?

    Would be wise to have the car inspected by the AA - they can plug in the diagnostic tool and see if the Q3 is reporting any errors. The Q3 in Quattro form uses a Haldex (an electro-hydraulic clutch) in the rear axle which is activated when ABS brake sensors detect that the front wheels are...
  2. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Music hard drive?

    On an Android phone (seeing you have a Pixel 6) you can store the music files on the device (stick in the Music folder) and make it an Audio Source. In the RS - MMI will show the Artist/Album/Track structure (assuming that's how you store your media files). If I'm brutally honest the way MMI...
  3. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Numpty RS Q3 question/s

    Absolutely not. In fact my RS had an engine failure last year which resulted in a complete replacement after two failed repair attempts - under warranty.
  4. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Numpty RS Q3 question/s

    You are most welcome, regarding the pads - yes, that's what I did at about the 320mile mark, I'm now a little over 30,000 and have actually just swapped the rear discs to Kinetix drilled items for purely aesthetic reasons and nothing else - the original discs were perfect. There is a forum...
  5. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Numpty RS Q3 question/s

    I believe it is model specific TX - it plugs into the wiring loom on the passenger/door sill cover.
  6. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Numpty RS Q3 question/s

    1) Assuming the RSQ3 you are considering is the current model (known as an F3) then without the storage pack there are tie down points at the front of the boot floor sides and ISOFIX child seat mounts on the rear seats. 2) There is a drop down stowage cubby on the right lower fascia. 3) I...
  7. cosmicblue

    Q3 Audi Q3 MMI .. help needed. Can these be fixed?

    These people will probably be able to help:
  8. cosmicblue

    Q3 Q3 Sportback, Carplay wireless?

    The vehicle importers decide the specifications for models for their local markets. For my UK spec 2020 F3 RSQ3 it is Wireless CarPlay capable but needs to be turned on using the OBD Eleven. Once enabled it would need to be connected with a cable one more time to complete the set up. Maybe...
  9. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Saved seat setting?

    As I recall the additional 2nd key was to be provided through the Warranty system - you'd be better off asking the dealer service department as the sales droid will be 100% focussed on selling vehicles as opposed to delivering customer service (sadly).
  10. cosmicblue

    Q7 Problem with 2018 SQ7 Vorsprung - Engine light keeps coming up

    If you can find a good local VAG independent then it will be more cost-effective than a dealer - they usually have ex-dealer techs in them anyway. Out of factory warranty then the dealer is an expensive luxury to use for maintenance.
  11. cosmicblue

    Q2 Green (P) symbol when stopped

    With Hill Hold - you have a second switch immediately behind the parking brake - it can only be activated when the driver's seat is occupied, and the seat belt is in use. Unlike the parking brake that uses an actuator to apply the brakes on the rear wheels, Hill Hold uses ABS pump pressure...
  12. cosmicblue

    SQ5 SQ5 TFSI - Options

    air suspension is a rare option though...
  13. cosmicblue

    Q2 SQ2 Enable optical parking sensors

    I think Audi use a common bumper moulding; it can appear that there are sensors fitted however, alas, the actual devices aren't underneath the covers - F3 Q3 is the same.
  14. cosmicblue

    Q8 Q8 E-Tron

    Seems like Audi confirming yet again that they are struggling to keep pace with the rate of evolution in the EV market, the next significant launch should have been the Q6 (and A6 Etron) which use the more modern 800V architecture found in the Etron GT. Q6 should have been launched around now...
  15. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Saved seat setting?

    I notice Kufatec are offering a memory set upgrade for the F3...
  16. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Exhaust tip

    On the 2015 RSQ3 (8U) the exhaust tail pipe trim is Stainless Steel and actually welded to the exhaust system, it's not a separate item. They are often uncared for so if yours is scabby (common) you can clean up with emery paper and polish - they can look really nice with a bit of effort.
  17. cosmicblue

    RSQ3 Saved seat setting?

    I'll have to add not in the UK....
  18. cosmicblue

    SQ5 Blown engine, CGQB What now?

    Audi Warranty don't pay the dealer to do diagnosis of the original fault - so the dealer has to do what the Audi Warranty team says ('Warranty is actually an insurance policy the manufacturer takes out to protect themselves from an open-ended liability). Just like the insurance policies we...
  19. cosmicblue

    SQ5 Blown engine, CGQB What now?

    You could try these people: They take on engine rebuilds where the dealers have quoted a massive number and executed a proper repair. There is some negative rep stuff here - so limiting road-tests might be a good idea? You are between a rock and a hard place for sure - my own F3 RSQ3 - so...
  20. cosmicblue

    SQ5 Best wheel size for comfort?

    Yeah, they were the standard wheels - back in 2013/2014 the 21s were an option. Even back then the roads in Warwickshire were strewn with potholes so big alloys and very low profile tyres wasn't the greatest idea going - the improved ride quality was just a bonus. On 20s you get a much wider...