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    A8OC - The Annual Meet Details

    Guys the details for the annual meet have been firmed up now. Check out this link to find out more will be updated tomorrow so best wait until then :D
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    Wheels & lowering

    Hi Jezt, There's often lowering kits on ebay for sale, so keep your eyes peeled there. As for wheels, these are such a personal thing that you'll need to identify what you like, and what you deem to be a reasonable cost. There's plenty of options out there though, including just swapping...
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    97'A8 4.2 Q gearbox

    Audi don't recommend a gearbox service on these gearboxes at all. However, it has been my experience that a gearbox serviced every 50k miles or so offers greater reliabiliity than one that hasn't. It is often a good starting point for anyone experiencing issues too, so I'd recommend finding...
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    2004 A8 with 'issues' can anyone help?

    Simon, it does sound like you're the victim of the early D3 electronic gremlins. Do persevere, as once sorted you'll love the car :icon_thumright:
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    Does my 98 2.8 have a tiptronic or Multitronic gearbox?

    Jezt the most reliable box is the 4-speed which you'll have in yours. The 5-speed was introduced in late '99-2000 so you're ok there. Do you know why the alarm keeps going off? It might well be that there's something inside the car, that's setting off the interior sensors?
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    Cruise/indicator, light stalk wanted.

    badpanel, you can find plenty of them for sale at A8 Parts
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    Audi A8 3.0 TDI Idling Speed

    Not sure to be honest alan, but my 4.2 QS idles at around 600rpm.
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    Audi A8 d3 facelift

    Hi Justin, I've just spotted this post. You say you're looking at the pre-facelift D3, are you talking the 1st or 2nd facelift? Early D3's have had problems with the MMI system, so ensure you check everything works before committing to buy one. As for a DIY facelift, I don't expect there'd...
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    2000 xreg quattro 4.2L torque converter

    A8's have been problematic with gearboxes for some time, in particular the 5-speed boxes found in the facelift models from late '99 onwards. It might help to have the gearbox serviced. Audi don't offer a gearbox service, but when pushed will do one. It involves draining all of the oil out...
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    Audi 2007 S8 Aftermarket Brake pads

    I'm surprised that you're having issues with the ceramic brake set up. My understanding was that they're supposed to be dogs danglies when it comes to providing braking. However, I've not experienced them, so can't describe if what you've described is normal, or a result of not bedding in...
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    Timing Belt Tools

    I believe A8 Parts may have a set that they rent out. If you need any parts for the '8 they're the obvious place to go too, and if you're a member of the A8 Owners Club you get 15% discount on anything you buy from them.
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    A8OC - The Annual Meet Details

    Guys, the official details of the A8OC Annual Meet can be found here please indicate below what you want to book as far as hotel stays are concerned. And what your food choices would be :) A8_Tony - 1 Car - 2 People - Not Sharing with Mike again ;)
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    Audi Driver's International - 10th October 2009 - ***Official Thread***

    I think he had an Audi 1.8T engine in, and therefore thought he'd get on....that's how he got in :s Was a great day out, didn't get to see any of you guys, as was running around like a daft sod sorting A8OC club stuff out......however, I did take the '8 out, and thrash her around the circuit :D
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    Nice one fella, hope you're bringing it along to Audi Driver this weekend :D
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    Not sure where you are DW, but you couldn't go wrong if you were to contact Ben at AV Performance in Burton upon Trent. If you're a member of the A8 owners Club you'll also get 15% of parts and labour, can't be bad :D
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    D2 S8 v D3 A8 4.2 FSI Quattro Sport

    Keep the S8, that's what I'd be doing. Whilst the D3 is the more modern car, the D2 stil maintains a degree of exclusivity that the D3 will never achieve. This is primarily because the diesel D3 exists, and has meant that more people have purchased them as company cars.
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    A8OC - EBC Direct Offer

    Latest offer for the A8 Owners Club? 15% off at +++
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    MMI Problems

    I have no idea what the issue is fella, but persevere. Maybe take it to a different dealers to see if it misbehaves then?
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    A8OC - The latest Member only offer

    Good evening guys and gals, thought I'd let you know that we've now negotiated a discount for all fully paid members with Black Circles so there's yet another reason to join the only international A8 Owners Club To join the club, you can go to the A8OC Merchandise Page where you'll find it...
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    Rear Brakes

    you might want to give A8 Parts a call. Chances are they'll have some in. If you're a member of the A8 Owners Club you also get free P&P in the UK :D