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    Whats the difference???

    Hi all, Whats the difference between the current S4 and RS4? Both share the same engine?
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    Check this out......

    Is should bring up a thread? Its titled "whats your thoughts"
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    Check this out......

    Not great reading is it
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    Honda Integra Type R DC2

    ****** hell what is with all the bad posts, ess_three do you look for an arguement or what?
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    My 350bhp S3 upgrade (finally!)

    I would check this thread first and the others regarding Backdraft on the TT forum, Read it all the way through there is some interesting stuff, if you do a search for backdraft on the tt forum also...
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    Miracle Detail

    Paul Dalton of Miracle detail is an expert at what he does, he is expensive though. Search for him on or and you can see his work and even a video if I recall correctly. I would say that its best to start as you mean to go on. Most dealers will not have...
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    Can't understand the torque figures

    Thanks for the info guys, you have confirmed what I had thought really. It makes me laugh when you see people posting high torque figures on std cars. I assumed it was due to the tuners manipulating the figures on "dodgy" rollers. As you say ess three its good to get the car on reliable...
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    Can't understand the torque figures

    Hi All, Whenever I read the forum I see people with the 1.8 20v t engine with either 225 or 210 HP quoting torque figues of 260+ with a remap. How is this possible if the car is completly standard? I have seen a few dyno plots claiming high torque and it seems to me that yes it is posible to...