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  1. LayZ_Pz

    Performance edition rear boot matt

    Had forgotten about this - is it like alcantara texture thing?
  2. LayZ_Pz

    Steam/Smoke from radiator area?

    Yeah I have the same, it's much more noticeable when it's wet out.
  3. LayZ_Pz

    Summer Tires?

    Yeah your comment on the other post spooked me a bit :D, hope there would be more opinions about the SC7, I'll try to ask around, cheers
  4. LayZ_Pz

    Summer Tires?

    I change tires twice a year (sadly), I have square 245 LM005 right now for the winter if that can help (yes square setup on the stock staggered wheels) Yeaaaah that's why helps a lot :D Super sports could be great...
  5. LayZ_Pz

    Summer Tires?

    You are running PS4S with -11c?! You are braver than I am :D Yeah I am really trying to decide between those three really, tyre review gives the edge to the SC7 especially in wet weather...
  6. LayZ_Pz

    Summer Tires?

    As winter is coming to an end, I am looking for new summer tires! My RS3 originally came with the Bridgestone Potenza Sport, which at least are better than the P-Zeros. I am looking to replace them with either Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, Continental Sport Contact 7 or (if the size exists) Goodyear...
  7. LayZ_Pz

    Manual/Auto mode

    Probably disconnects like on the haldex yeah, that would be my guess. @8YARWY maybe you know? :D
  8. LayZ_Pz

    DSG problem, anyone else had this?

    Yeah efficiency or even comfort - if you don't disable start and stop - it'll go into "neutral" expecting the engine to be stopped. Pretty dangerous if you're looking for power and instead you find your engine being turned off.
  9. LayZ_Pz

    DSG problem, anyone else had this?

    Yeah when they are cold they really like to slip the clutch a lot, makes it sound like a ZF gearbox. I have seen some videos on facebook of gearbox failures on 8Y platform, where the car hard shifts or revs as if the clutch was opened, couple of them got their gearbox replaced.
  10. LayZ_Pz

    Sedan vs Hatch in-cabin engine sound

    I always have my seats down for that reason, much louder in the cabin :D
  11. LayZ_Pz

    Trouble getting tyres?

    I see, I have experienced that on some roads due to trucks driving in the same "path" over and over again and digging trenches kind of thing - didn't know it was possible on a road without imperfection! It sounds like it's like when you are riding a bicycle and you let your hands off, the faster...
  12. LayZ_Pz

    Trouble getting tyres?

    Yeah I think I don't understand that "tram lining" term :/ - not English native sadly :disappointed:
  13. LayZ_Pz

    Trouble getting tyres?

    Can you elaborate more? I am planning on getting some new summer rubber and I am considering between the PS4S and SC7.
  14. LayZ_Pz

    Golf R v RS3

    Which mode are you driving with? Dynamic and ESP Off is probably the best thing to get some oversteer, I've experienced it quite a few times already and always brings a smile.
  15. LayZ_Pz

    RS3 8Y Picture Gallery Thread

    That is an amazing color damn.
  16. LayZ_Pz

    JB4 Dyno Results - RS3 8Y

    Is it actually a JB4 though? Could be standalone cause that's probably not stock Turbos?
  17. LayZ_Pz

    read and delete errors .

    So you open bonnet, plug in OBD11, unlock SFD, plug VCDS and SFD stays unlocked?
  18. LayZ_Pz

    Ceramic Brake Owners Is the Squeaking Normal?

    Ahaha touching wood! I went hard on them from the get go cause I was following a RS7 one day with Ceramics and it sounded dreadful, didn't want the same with my RS3.
  19. LayZ_Pz

    read and delete errors .

    You forgot SFD unlocking which I don't know how to get with VCDS :/
  20. LayZ_Pz

    Wheel bearing damage? Is it safe…

    Get on a quiet parking lot and do circles with your windows opened, if you can hear the sound getting louder if you turn then you might have some issues and I wouldn't drive the car.