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  1. Lighty69

    Wanted Audi A6 C5/Allroad Headlight

    Hi does anyone have a damaged xenon light they'd like to sell, don't car if the lens is damaged etc or all fitting brackets, just literally want to pinch all the retaining clips and bulb holders etc and the small bracket that holds the ballast in thats all. Thanks
  2. Lighty69

    For Sale Wanted: Miltek/Remus/Magnaflow exhaust silencers + more!

    Looking for parts to make up a new system for my pre facelift '99 A6 2.7 Bi Turbo I need everything from cat back, hoping to lose pre cats and go from there, even just a nice pair of silencers and ill get a custom system made. Also need a battery cover Any sports filters knocking about would...
  3. Lighty69

    C5 A6 2.7 BiTurbo purchase

    Recently purchased but not yet collected, its 1 owner from 99 full main dealer service history up to 400 miles ago, very tidy very clean give 2500 for it. Its a crap colour in racing green its the saloon and not an avant like I wanted, its cloth interior although its mint so not too bothered and...
  4. Lighty69

    Another Rns-d thread

    Ok I know there's hundreds of these threads about but I can't seem to find an answer to my question, I have no gps satellites connected so I assume the antenna is knackered, so I read a thread somehwere that said, just buy a GPS antenna from eBay for about a tenner with an smb connector so I...
  5. Lighty69

    Hi from England

    Yeah I got etka and I got elsawin and I got, just need to buy a multiplexer and as I say im thinking of picking upa cheap toughbook for the garage, the window cables could be a pig if you dont think about how the repair kit has come about... I mean the clips are fairly straightforward...
  6. Lighty69

    Hi from England

    As requested some Pics, early stages yet but thats after a little clean up, also I think I forgot to add that I managed to blag the Registration Plate in that price too and its worth around 500 quid so that was a big factor in buying too :)
  7. Lighty69

    Hi from England

    Cheers fellas, Im based in Manchester in England and yes I know what you meant about some botch ups, the funniest thing is the guy I bought it from was wait for it........An aircraft engineer!!! Beggars beilief! I nearly choked when I saw his ID card around his neck :D Anyway I have actually...
  8. Lighty69

    Hi from England

    Names Paul, I just bought a real dog of an 8L S3 about 3 weeks ago with the intention of restoring it to its original state, its got 155k on the clock, the wheels are shot to ****, the nsf wing is crumpled, the passenger seat is damaged, the glovebox is broken, the drinks holder is broken, the...