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    Abs - Issue Please help

    Have you used a cheap unbranded sensor? New ones can be faulty as well. Worth checking it again and the wiring to it. Make sure the ridges on the driveshaft are clean as it uses them for the signal
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    Matte black front sensors?

    cheaper to spray them with matt/satin black paint
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    2012 a6 bitdi loosing coolant

    look in the v of the engine, coolant change over valve leaks.. common issue
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    Xenon headlight body

    the Ali..... sites should have them.
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    For Sale A6 C7 Avant door cards, Set of 4

    Set of 4 door cards in black from a C7 avant. full set but all cards are bare, ie no handles or armrest, wiring etc. ideal if you want to replace your damaged/ scuffed ones etc Collection only from near manchester airport £20 for the full set!!
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    Custom charges

    Just make sure you dont pay the senders country's VAT
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    New Member - S6 Avant / BiTdi

    Averaging 21-22 in my RS6 but thats mostly local driving and the bitdi got around 35-38 mpg. getting in the bitdi even after driving the RS still feels so smooth and effortless and a joy to drive. Probably why im still torn about selling it.
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    Oh dear….how not to drive an S3

    the 3 brain cells that he had were not talking to each other.
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    Unplugged lead?

    Headlight vent pipe.. Slightly out of place but nothing to worry about
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    Turbo Charger Replacement

    No idea why they would think they would need a engine lift when all the work is done from above. Unless they want to take the cats off completely? Yes ive done this on a C7 RS6
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    Turbo Charger Replacement

    Why not? Because you wont. Turbos are on top and none of the work is done from underneath. Yes i know! ... i have done it.
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    Turbo Charger Replacement

    You wont need an engine lift.
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    Turbo Charger Replacement

    Its about 6-8 hours iirc labour time to remove the turbos. Front bumper has to come off and front end put into service mode as the charge cooler needs to come off. Then its the cost of the turbos whether you get recon ones or brand new oem from the dealer. plus you might as well change the oil...
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    Need these firmwares

    whats the procedure for this after downloading the file? Unzip it and then copy it to a fat32 sd card? Then access which menu in the car?
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    Dash dimmer knob

    looks like thats the one from an A8
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    Making fuel lines

    Goodridge make/supply them as well
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    RS6/RS4 ‍♂️

    I see about 25 IF m lucky and taking it very easy but 21-23 is the norm. 8mpg common sight in the morning. Not sure whether my right foot is still a bit too heavy or the fact that its only done 8k miles and engine is a bit 'virgin' ?
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    Bit of a strange dilemma?

    Leave it be. You have been paid out by the insurance company and you have no technical right to it and the current owner might have bought it as salvage. Save the hassle and headache
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    Opinions on the condition of these brakes

    The 'missing' chunk is part of the manufacturing process. Nothing to worry about. Doesnt appear to be any pronounced lip on the disc but would replace the pads with new ones. Accurate way would be to measure the disc thickness and compare to new and worn specs. Just looks like its been sat...
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    Different part numbers all together