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  1. Jiny_P

    no central locking

    Hi Guys, Wondering if someone could me, i am trying to fit the repair kit. I have managed to take the pump out and almost apart but i can not seem to get the motor out of the casing?? can someone please let me know how the motor comes out also is there a guide anywhere on how to fit the kit...
  2. Jiny_P

    Help engine light!

    Thanks for the responses guys.. The engine sounded a bit lumbpy when the power cut out but when the car came to a stand still it sounded fine on idle but the car just didnt want to pull of? So i called the AA and buy the time they arrived the car was sort of ok again the light had gone of but on...
  3. Jiny_P

    Help engine light!

    Hi i am having the same problem, i have noticed like a boost leak sound and the other day i was driving and the power totaly cut out but the engine was still running and i had to role to the side of the road, the car idles fine but wouldnt move, after half hour it was ok had power again but...
  4. Jiny_P


    Congrats Faz... Taking it to a whole different level... Good to see S3 FLX on it to smashing it mate...
  5. Jiny_P

    Diff problem?

    Hi I sort of had the same problem with my 2000 S3, except with mine when i used to turn right or left i used to get a knocking noise and sounded like it was coming from the back? and when it used to knock it felt like it was catching on something but in a straight line it was ok, but before...
  6. Jiny_P

    S3 problems maybe the diff not sure??

    sorry if i sound thick wot is ARB??
  7. Jiny_P

    S3 problems maybe the diff not sure??

    Was driving S3 a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden the car starts knocking only when its turning though doesnt seem to happen in a straight line and also sounds like its coming from the back? doesnt seem to have lost power but when it starts knocking it also feels like its catching on...
  8. Jiny_P

    Hanging a plasma

    Hi I want to hang a plasma up but the problem is my house is a newish one and has not got solid walls instead has got plasterboard walls, i was wondering has any one managed to hang one up with this problem?? I spoke to a builder and he said they would have to put beams in the walls. Any...
  9. Jiny_P

    Need VAG-COM In bedfordshire luton?

    Hi I have got a couple lights on in my S3 the ABS & ESP lights, is there any1 in bedfordshire Luton with the machine who can give me a diagnosis please. Thanks
  10. Jiny_P


    Hi The exact same thing happened to me in my S3 i lost 1st and 2nd gear just like that no noise, i had to have a new gearbox fitted costed me just under a grand for a new gearbox and labour, also the same thing happened to my mates S3 few months after! both S3s were 2001s with about 60k on...
  11. Jiny_P

    ABS & ESP Lights Staying On

    Hi both these lights have come on and are staying on constantly in the dash display, does anyone know what the problem could be?? Thanks
  12. Jiny_P

    Air Leak

    Hi thanks for all the help, the cars sorted now found it to be one of the intercooler pipes had come off luckly! Sorted Thanks
  13. Jiny_P

    Air Leak

    Hi I have got a problem with my S3, when i accelerate and the turbo comes in i get a fairly loud air leak noise and no power? i have taken it to a garage and they could not find any split pipes, but i doubt if the garage had a proper look? i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem...
  14. Jiny_P

    Power steering ploblems..

    Hi I bought an S3 couple months ago and about a week later one of the power steering pipes split and all the oil came out, got the pipe replaced then a week later the power steering was not workin properly, the steering would go heavy but if i reved the car then the steering would go lighter...
  15. Jiny_P

    Replacing mirror covers

    thanx mate managed to do the mirrors couldnt have done it with out the link, sorted.
  16. Jiny_P

    Replacing mirror covers

    Thanx mate nah they are in azure blue i think it is?
  17. Jiny_P

    Replacing mirror covers

    Hi i want to take my mirror covers of my S3 but not sure how to? ive read i gota take the glass out first then theres some screws behind there? but when i try to take the glass out it feels like i might break it if I pull it anymore? is there any special way to take the glass out? thanx
  18. Jiny_P

    RS4 wheels

    nah thats cool mate thanx for the replies much appreciated
  19. Jiny_P

    RS4 wheels

    because they are kurbed really bad thought mite be easier to buy one on its own? has any one had theirs repaired? in the same finish?
  20. Jiny_P

    RS4 wheels

    No they not of a RS4 but they look the same, wot i meant is that they are original audi alloys not the replicas ones, so S3's has the same fitments as a TT? thanx