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    Lowering springs

    no I don't as they are still on the car.They are just plain black springs. tony
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    Lowering springs

    loaded ok for me,when scott parks up,mines directly across the road from him,dark blue a4 saloon with grey rs6 wheels tony
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    Lowering springs

    mines the blue a4 you can see without watching the vid!
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    Lowering springs

    can't remember now lol,it was a year ago I took the a4 off the road.Its sar in a barn ever since,tho will be getting crushed soon,along with my other a4.Prob best to look at the video and pic. tony
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    Lowering springs

    actually ,look at the south west section,pics from meet 31/3/13.look for a video by scott d3,the blue a4 wearing 18 inch rs6's is mine tony
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    Lowering springs

    not a good one no,though with 18 inch wheels fitted it wasn't stupidly low tony
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    Lowering springs

    I got a set of -40 h&r springs for sale,£40 plus postage tony
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    Display / heating Ventilation contols erratic

    If you're interested in doing the facelift conversion,I have a complete unit from my w reg tdi (single din) for sale,I can supply the wiring plugs and some loom too.It was my own car so I know the unit is 100%. Let mre know if you're interested tony
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    Will Pre facelift boot / bumper fit my 2000 TQS?

    the bit the boot release button is attached to tony
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    Will Pre facelift boot / bumper fit my 2000 TQS?

    I got both a saloon and avant plinths for sale,both rust free,as I sanded them down to bare metal before repainting tony
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    Will Pre facelift boot / bumper fit my 2000 TQS?

    I have a blue facelift boot for sale,£20 plus postage if you're interested tony
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    Indicators Stay Solid Hazards Flash

    I have a complete hazard switch unit if you need it tony
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    Quote for Work sound alright?

    I got a bnib pair of Lemforder rear axle bushes for sale tony
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    Facelift Headlights

    I have a facelift that I am breaking,and have the plugs you need. tony
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    Help please airbag light!

    I fitted a resister each side when I fitted my bucket seats,will have a look and see if I can find what value they are.They sorted my airbag light out. tony
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    Accelerator pedal cover broken???

    no worries tony
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    Accelerator pedal cover broken???

    I got a fly by wire pedal off a tdi if is any good tony
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    Rear speaker wiring

    You can fit 6.5s to the rear shelf,youneed to buy/make an adapter though,I used 6mm mdf to fit 17cm pioneers to mine.You are correct about the wiring.I also ued some dynamat to deaden the shelf while it was ou.Te grills are fitted to th shelf,do not try and prise them of! hth tony
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    1.9 tdi AJM decat

    Jonny,its a 3 bolt cat.Where are you?If you're near devon ,I have spare I could decat for you,then swap then over. tony
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    CANCELED DUE TO LACK OFF INTEREST Will try again in the spring tony