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  1. Michalis

    DIS Screen problem???

    Thank you guys, seems to be like a3guy said. :)
  2. Michalis

    DIS Screen problem???

    It's the same in your car?
  3. Michalis

    DIS Screen problem???

    Hi to all I received my new s line yesterday and last night i noticed something to my DIS screen. Just before the first horizontal bold Red line (from up to down, after the Radio) there is one black line. not light red like all other screen on night. Is this normal? Anyone else with the...
  4. Michalis

    Phatbox cradle Voltage info

    Thank you timps :salute:
  5. Michalis

    Phatbox cradle Voltage info

    Hi I need the Voltage information for replacing my phatbox cradle adaptor. Or a link to order a new one. Thanks, Michalis
  6. Michalis

    Getting married!! :(

    :) very funny
  7. Michalis


    anyone knows the part number of the new A3 symphony II+ ?
  8. Michalis

    Google map thingy (in the bar above)

    I'm there but you cannot see me... Move the map to Mediterranean Sea
  9. Michalis

    Alarm System

    Any recommendations for aftermarket alarm system? I'll receive my new A3 at the end of the month but here in cyprus they come only with Immobiliser.
  10. Michalis

    New Concert and Symphony Head Units

    Anyone knows the production week Audi starting to put these? Mine was production week 40 and i'm wondering if it comes with the new symphony
  11. Michalis

    Hello I am Sam...

    Congratulations!!! All the best!!!
  12. Michalis

    You need your Radio Code?

    Tell me the serial number of your Audi radio and i'll give you your radio code. Works only if the serial number starting with this: AUZ 1 Z 4 After this there is 7 digits example: AUZ 1 Z 4 1234567
  13. Michalis

    HELP.....with fitting ipod adapter.

    For Audi Concert stereo or Audi Symphony stereo try this. 1. Press 6 to go to the feature menu. 2. Press '>I' until you get to option 7 in the feature menu. 3. Press 'scan' at the prompt, “Select Audi Concert with cassette or Symphony with single CD stereo.”
  14. Michalis

    HELP.....with fitting ipod adapter.

    Hi Pal, Try the following. is for phatbox but should work with ipod as the 2 units are connected with concert the same way Audi Concert II stereo Or Audi Symphony II stereo 1. Press 'CD+' or 'CD-' until you reach CDC6, the feature menu. 2. Press '>l&#8217; or 'l<' until you get to...
  15. Michalis

    Man has sex with hedgehog - Sun Online

    haha Read the following story from Sun online,,2006430098,00.html
  16. Michalis

    Sudan man forced to 'marry' goat! BBC News

    here's the picture of the Happy lady :laugh:
  17. Michalis

    ODB2 USb cable for A3(8P)

    Is the micro-CAN compatible with A3 2006 model?
  18. Michalis


    check this alternative car ipod gadget Looks interesting.
  19. Michalis

    phatbox cheapest?

    I order mine from this guy Email him and if you buy the phatbox out of ebay he will give you a better price Michalis
  20. Michalis

    A3 1.6 Tiptronic

    Im from cyprus and the import tax diffenrence here between the 1.6 and 2.0 is about 8.000 pounds, so i choose the 1.6 FSI. I test drive both 1.6 and 1.6 FSI. If you want automatic you have to go with 1.6 but the 1.6 FSI (only manual) is more powerfull and better engine. Or better go with 20TFSI...