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  1. Garry Houseman

    Black or Chrome rings???

    looks good to me
  2. Garry Houseman

    quattro - What Type?

    thanks for the help fellas!
  3. Garry Houseman

    quattro - What Type?

    I have a 2014 A4 2.0 tdi 177 quattro, could anyone explain what type of awd system it is and how it works, cheers
  4. Garry Houseman

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    what was the grill like to fit?
  5. Garry Houseman

    Emissions recall

    had mine done, just the same, i also got a bag of goodies and a courtesy car
  6. Garry Houseman

    VW Emission Scandal - Are we going to get Compensation

    i really can't believe what people put on here. My A4 went in a couple of weeks ago, i've tried really hard but i can't see, feel, notice any difference!
  7. Garry Houseman

    Tyres again!

    sorry guys it's the tyre thing again. I'm about a 1000 miles off a new set of tyres and currently running conti 3s on 19" rims. A4 177 Tdi black edition quattro. The contis have been awful for tram lining and I don't want that again. I know everyone will have their own views, but some advice...
  8. Garry Houseman

    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    what tyres did you get
  9. Garry Houseman

    2.0tdi cr 170 quattro bad mpg

    2015 A4 177 s-line quattro, i think mine is ***** on fuel as well
  10. Garry Houseman


    can't believe how bad the tram lining is with the contis, i won't be having them again!
  11. Garry Houseman

    Wash polish and wax afternoon

    might have to give my daytona grey A4 a go with that polish
  12. Garry Houseman


    i fancy a small boot spoiler for my b8.5, anyone know of any nice ones available , or any pics,cheers!
  13. Garry Houseman

    new Tires

    ha! not many then
  14. Garry Houseman

    new Tires

    the tram lining thing is interesting !