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  1. craigpanthercrystal

    Facelift Lowering springs advice

    Eibach sportlines gave about 25- 30mm drop on my S3, imho the overall ride was better too, less crashy but still nice and firm
  2. craigpanthercrystal

    Disc change??

    Just get a Carista, has parking brake tool within it
  3. craigpanthercrystal

    Disc change??

    MTEC discs, very good value and look good Not the best pic of the front discs but you get the idea
  4. craigpanthercrystal

    Rust already !!!

    I had a very small similar issue, was like a pin hole at first then was just starting to lift when I sold it, same place!, Audi didnt want to know and said it was a stone chip! on the tailgate behind the number plate ? WTF the Audi perf warranty is a waste of time
  5. craigpanthercrystal

    Opinions if it will fit my stock S3 2015 sportback (new rims)

    will poke out by 5mm too far on the front, rears will be ok.
  6. craigpanthercrystal

    Wheel offsets

    assuming you get a set of 4 ET45, you can get away with a spacer on the rear - 8mm or so for an equal appearance to the fronts. I didnt bother as it looked good as was. remember Audi put a wider track on the front to help reduce understeer so would would be fighting this by widening the rear track.
  7. craigpanthercrystal

    Wheel offsets

    ET 45 on front with 8.5J rim
  8. craigpanthercrystal

    Turbo oil leak?

    What sort of mileage is your car on? I'm not sure how much is normal but it is normal to have a little oil there. mine had some when I fitted my elbow at 25K miles. might be worth checking if the cooler has any in there. how much oil does your car use between services?
  9. craigpanthercrystal

    Bigger tyres for enhanced rim protection?

    I had 235 P zeros on a 8.5J rim, loads of extra rim protection,
  10. craigpanthercrystal

    2 or 4 wheel alignment after lowering?

    Just find a decent indi, I had mine adjusted after fitting sportlines at an indi, just standard 4 wheel alignment, (no special adjustments) I did about 40K miles on them with perfectly even wear onto my 2nd sets of P zero's
  11. craigpanthercrystal

    Standard S3 8V. Wheel advice 18-19"

    19s without lowering make the arch gap stand out too much in my opinion, if you want it to look lowered (slightly) then go for Eibach Sports, Pros dont look lowered much so depends how you want it too look but they will give a OEM + look, If you go with 19s and 35 profile same as me then...
  12. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Experiment with different tires = expensive, The best way forward would be extra sound deadening. not too much faff if your careful with the interior trims.
  13. craigpanthercrystal

    Stop/Start Activated but not working

    at least your turbo will be happy! I coded mine off
  14. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    exactly, the width mainly, then diameter (i.e contact area to the ground increase)
  15. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 Drone under braking

    would be accompanied by a steering wheel wobble or does it come on cornering too? what is the mileage, could it be the rear diff? iv heard of them droning before when on the way out. is it not still under warranty?
  16. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Yeah I did P zeros. n02
  17. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    This is exactly what i found, I appreciate Dubjams comments but I had gone from 18s to 19s and lowered it slightly and found no specific difference in harshness, only a little extra road noise but this can be tire specific anyway.
  18. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Its Panther black, was stunning in the sun, Id love to meet the new owner, very lucky indeed, condition wise it must be the best PFL's out there, its literally like new with a good spec.
  19. craigpanthercrystal

    S3 hatchback with standard 19” Pics

    Thanks Mate, Sold her now, Think I regret the sale but time to move on. it was like 99% perfect condition too,