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    Oil level sensor

    I've got the oil level sensor warning. Does anybody know which number the fuse is by the drivers side door to check if it's blown? Any help appreciated.
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    improving fm radio signal?

    Your aerial amplifier must be cracked like mine it's a common fault, which Audi should replace for making a weak part. Here's a few threads about it which people have done some DIY fix. Easy-Cracked-Radio-Reciever-Fix General-Info-AM-FM-Antenna-Booster I tried the fix and it's alot better...
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    number plate light bulb holders

    Alright Tom, I've got 2 here pm me your details and i'll send you some freebies :icon_thumright:
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    number plate light bulb holders

    I couldn't find any either Tom, so I just got some of Ebay aswell. They were easy enough to fit, thanks to Leaky Lloyd for the guide. A few pics bit of a difference eh? :yes:
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    Police Interceptors

    It actually does look good, but without the power and the right noise it would get laughed at really. Oh and it's on Episode 7 at the end.
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    New Audi A1 used in Bolton & Darwen driving schools / lessons, See Below

    They look very smart mate, I like. I would of loved to learn in one of those, but the only thing is i'd of probably wanted to keep it when I passed and would be gutted. :yes:
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    Low Oil Pressure

    Hope you get it all sorted mate, been there done it I know what you're going through. It happened to me on the way home from the airport when I was tired and skint lol great timing :sadlike: I think Audi should be paying/sorting it though because it is all to common on these engines, as much as...
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    Timing out?

    Cheers Phil for the very informative post, nice guide. Which I'm sure will help others out if they get this fault to, as it helped me. It was the timing out on the belt, so if anyone gets that fault check your timing before replacing sensors :yes:
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    Timing out?

    Got this fault: 1 Fault Found: 17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incor. Correlation P1340 - 35-00 - - Engine lights on and there's a definite loss of power, and a louder exhaust note. I've had a new camshaft position sensor fitted, but nothing...
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    A strange one...

    I have the exact same problem on mine when I press the heated rear screen. £100 to fix hmmm...... any pics - guides to help so I can take a look at this unit?? I had this on a vag com scan aswell. Address 56: Radio Controller: 8E0 035 186 Component: concert II GRO 0004 Coding...
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    Product recall on 1.8 and above 2001 onwards

    Gutted, I didn't know about this and had coilpacks go on me at the end of February. I went straight to Liverpool Audi same day and bought 4 for £143.76 and fitted them myself. I've got a 51 plate A4 1.8T. Do you think I will get any money back? Has anybody had same happen? I've still got the...
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    can someone photoshop something for me?????? HELP!!

    Nice I like, they look good and suit it well - get them :yes:
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    A3 1.8T service costs

    I've used Stafford audi quite a few times and would recommend them, and will be using them again in few days because Liverpool audi are awful.
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    Boot won't open?

    Thanks for the replies guys, i'll get it sorted.
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    Boot won't open?

    Hi all, Well I can open the boot using the key, but when I press the button on the key it just makes the sound but doesn't unlock. I don't know if I will need a whole new lock, or if it's just one part like the microswitch or something. Has anyone had the same problem and how did you fix it...
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    Has anybody used them before?

    I've not used that site you said, but I got my wheels from Wheelbase aswell 235/35/19 with Toyo's. Nice wheels, good grip (even in the snow), but feel pretty heavy. The other guys who used them did yours have loads of weights on? Took a few days to arrive after paying £25 next day delivery...
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    DIY Timing Belt Change Guide

    This do?
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    Part number query

    Hi Way318, It must be a mistake mate, they've missed the 2 off. There's no part matching 038 145 009.
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    Front wipers

    Yes, it's at the top of the blade Crazy, looks like this - The indicator gradually changes from black to yellow. When it's bright yellow – replace the blade.