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    C7.5 breather line removal

    Hi while i change injectors washers and putting all back together I broke breather line pipes .I did remove 2 torx from that 1 near oil filter housing but can't take it out and this is the only thing stopping me to put car back on the road. Do indeed to remove oil filter housing or something...
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    C7 3.0tdi 272 BHP common ISSUE

    Bought my car 3 months ago and now i belive the noise come from area where is camchain i belive that camshafs, tensioner or chain or maybe something else. Ive recorded the the wierd noise and posted on audi a6 c7 group on Facebook and 1lad who is audi technician at Northampton said this is...
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    Before and after new cams are fitted (videos)

    Well I've got same problem 3 litre 272BHP a6 c7 2015 model . Already post video on Facebook group and 1 audi technician said they need to be sorted and I'm very very disappointed coz i bought this car 3 months ago .Have warranty for 12 month's which include timming chains snd camshaft but up to...
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    s tronic oil change at independed garage

    I had leak from sump plug so engine and tray was bit dirty but i take sump down and sorted everything before i drop car to Bradford audi. Technician send me a video and said i have leak from gearbox haha.I suggested i have had leak from sump so mr audi technician should spot that but he didn't...
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    s tronic oil change at independed garage

    I've booked s-tronic service at Bradford Audi yesterday and today they call me and ask for gearbox service history so i said wasn't change coz u audi don't call for that and that should be one of the t&c in first 3 yesrs when car under warranty in my opinion, but isn't. So the lady said we can't...
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    s tronic oil change at independed garage

    Below is the answer for some1 question about stronic gearbox. "Let's start with the fact that you have a S-tronic box with the designation 0B5 and the NPB letter code (code visible on the wlepce under production date). Box 0B5 has two independent oil circuits. The first is a double clutch, a...
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    s tronic oil change at independed garage

    I live in Halifax west Yorkshire and looking for independent garage for s tronic oil n filter change coz i don't trust audi "average train " mechanic so looking for other solutions. So many bad reviews plus my Audi (bought 3 weeks ago) and found out with 58k miles on the clock and oil wasn't...
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    DPF regen - efficiency mode

    I'm new here and know post is old but if u don't find yet u have to go to engine and then advanced measure value and there u can check dpf.
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    MMI Updates

    How much for new 2019 maps if they available pls
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    Hi, my audi reg - SR65EWG any chance u give me a quote for oil filter, front and rear...

    Hi, my audi reg - SR65EWG any chance u give me a quote for oil filter, front and rear differential oil and how much oil do i need for that change ? 3 litres will be enough for front/rear ? Also how do i get service history od my car (bought 2 weeks ago from Bosh garage )and they said i have to...
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    Newbie here(to this section) MyAudi

    Can u help me with secret green menu activation pls ? I have a6 c7.3.p0 tdi 272bhp face lift model from end od 2015 and can't find how to do it .I have vcds and ee contract sim but ee will not give me suplicat sim for use in my car only unfortunately ans and when i connect my Samsung s9 via bt...
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    Is my S-Tronic box able to remap?

    I'm interested too but only proper remap for ecu and gearbox with dyno before n after same engine and power. found them but send message week ago and no answer
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    272 TDI - Superchip results ???

    I found out stronic can't handle lots over 600NM (standard is 580 ) just bought same model and did research and I'm disappointed but why audi did car with gearbox so close to the limit of torque? No idea .Good tuner should also tune gearbox and change the pressure to make the clutches more under...
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    S tronic or other problem?

    So u saying Audi modtly don't change gearbox oil even when car under warranty ? I just bought a6 c7 2015 3.0tdi 272bhp from bosh garage they bought from audi and sell to me and they told me to see history i have to go to Audi coz everything's is "online" now. I'm surprised i can't get this on my...
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    Part Numbers Request

    Just bought my first audi a6 c7 2015 3 litre diesel 272 BHP ,quatro I'm looking for oil for front and rear differential and oil filter. For engine I'm gonna use MOTUL vw specific 504 507 . Thanks in advance .