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    2006 4.2 tdi - hidden menu

    Hi, I recently updated mmi software to 5570 an during the process lost the battery monitor. Not a huge loss tbh :)... But would like to get it back and look at some other options. I tried car+setup to mo avail so was wondering does anyone know how to access the hidden menu on 8's? Cheers
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    2006/7 A6 allroad 3.0TDI

    morning guys, it's been some time since I posted or participated in this forum and I'm planning an Audi comeback episode :)... hence was wondering has anyone got any knowledge or hints what to look for on an Allroad or list of common issues/faults etc?
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    2014 maps on 2008/57 Audi A6 (pre facelift)

    hi... I noticed that 2014 maps now cover eastern Europe (Croatia. Serbia etc) hence was wondering had anyone done the 'upgrade' and if they would work on 2G MMI? ... any hints on where to get the latest map (As they are nearly £200 from the dealer) :)? cheers
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    VCDS adaptation - Emergency brake flash

    hi guys, has anyone tried or attempted this modification on C6? Apparently it is active from 40+ mph when braking hard and based on my understanding only 'emergency brake light' will flash and not the one in rear lamps. Module 50 -> Channel 46 and amend the value from 0 -> 1. any thoughts?
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    Gearbox - ECU reset

    bit of DIY on the horizon... Having owned several Audi's in the past and based on past experience with Multitronic auto gearboxes I do recall that during servicing Audi dealers have provided me with comments 'we have also upgraded and reset your gearbox so it should be much smoother now'...
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    S Line driver's seat - cigarette burn

    Does anyone have any suggestions how to fix or remedy cigarette burn on driver's seat... e.g. is there a some kind of sewing kit or similar that can be applied to match the clothing? or anyone that does that kind of 'stuff' ;)? Btw it is a half leather interior. Thx
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    Wynn's EGR cleaning spray - any thoughts?

    hi... had anyone thought of using EGR cleaning spray as part of preventative maintenance? I'm more after 'can it do any harm' :)? I've read some very positive feedback about it and just placed an order for one (awaiting delivery). Nothing wrong with my EGR though (so far)... Look fwd to your...
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    Tweeter replacement - How to?

    I noticed that over last couple of days passenger door tweeter had gone pops... it is a std stock music system (not BOSE) coupled to MMI hence was wondering does anyone have hints on How to replace it? E.g. do I need to remove the door card? does it need any calibration etc? Many thanks
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    2008 2.0 TDI S Line - battery replacement

    it looks that battery in my car had given up... any hints in replacing the battery such as - MMI - anything i need to be aware of? - Radio code - i do not have one so if i was to remove and fit new battery would i need one? - and last but not least - one supplied in the car is Varta 110Ah. Any...
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    2.0 TDI (BRE engine) - Hesitation when engine is 'warm'...

    hi guys, i have developed slight issues with mine or at least i think it is an issue... when cold my car pulls really nicely albeit when it hits 1800ish rpm it judders which is something i will investigate separately. Really annoying but does not bother me that much. However when temp...
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    DPF - anything to pull out from VCDS to advise on % clogged or how much life is left?

    like majority of users on this forum i guess you think 'wish i never bought the damn...'... excellent cars but reliability and running costs of new(er) diesels from 2006+ is nowhere near to justify the spend (over petrols). Enough of that and to the point... i need some advice and was wondering...
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    2008 A6 S Line Avant with MMI Gen1 - how to connect an iPhone for music streaming?

    hi... I have Audi 2008 A6 S Line Avant with MMI Gen1. It does have B@tooth support which works nicely for phone side of things but something I'm missing since I moved from BMW is iPod dock to stream the music. Now I have MMI Gen1 with 6 x CD changer so was wondering is there anything you could...
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    A6 S Line Avant 2.0TDI (BRE) - assistance needed to decypher VCDS 'error'

    hi... i'm a newbie and as as you may notice this is my first post. Hopefully i will be in position to add more value in the future for someone else's issues rather than my own ones but here it is :)... i did quick scan on my car over the weekend and it returned an error related to battery...