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    Will B8 facelift rear LED lights fit original b8 model?

    Hi everyone, As per the title, I have about 5 LED out in my rear lights which are driving my OCD crazy. Looking into buying a new set of lights and was wondering if the new facelift ones would possibly fit the original 2009 model I have? Thanks Nigel
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    'Shudder' when pulling off in 1st gear

    Hi, I've had a bit of an annoyance with my 59 plate 143bhp 2.0 Tdi S Line A4 ever since i've had it from 11k - now on 26k. Whenever I pull off in 1st gear from a standing start I have to be really conscious of how I work the clutch with the accelerator so as not to cause a large 'shudder'...
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    Debadging S-Line Help!

    Hi, Does anyone know if the S-Line Badges on the side of the car are just stuck on with the standard glue/tape as with the rear badges, or are they 'connected' to the bodywork in some other way? i.e. - can I just heat 'n' fishing wire them off or am I going to have a gaping hole in the side of...