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  1. Snuff

    S3 tuners near

    I got a 07 S3 , it has a turbo back decat and a CAI .. it was mapped when i bought it but dont think its a good map and it has a Actuator fitted tho i dont think it was done properly (its coming off soon to get refitted) Im looking for a garage/tuner near south wales that knows what they are...
  2. Snuff

    South wales meet up

    Hi just wondering if there are any Audi sport meets ups in the south wales area, used to attend way back when i was part of seat ... but be real busy Steveo
  3. Snuff

    Boost gauge noise and psi

    So i fitted a boost gauge to keep an eye on things and the needle makes a ****** vibrating noise when i boot it also what psi should a mapped 07 S3 pull , ineed to check that the pipe to the gauge is in the right place under the bonnet so will do that asap.. any ideas would be good Thanks in...
  4. Snuff

    Standard S3 upgrades ...

    Hi i have a 2007 S3 which is standard , been reading through here for a few weeks but im blinded by science tbh... is there a set order to do things ? I get doing the exhaust CAI and remap but i keep seeing fuel pump upgrade too...Can anyone point me to the right parts etc... really want to get...
  5. Snuff

    07 Audi S3 i pod

    hi all , just bought an 07 s3 it has an i pod lead in the centre but when i plug in my i pod nothing seems to happen . looked through the owners manual and it says about an ipod dock in the glove box which i dont have. It has the navigation system in it... any ideas what im doing wrong or is it...
  6. Snuff

    What intercooler to buy

    I got a 2003 S3 and im looking to get an intercooler. Seen the forge one but not keen on the price , there must be other good makes /companies that do them for my car... been off here for a while so a bit out of touch and blinded by science Any help info or ideas welcome Thanks
  7. Snuff

    ferodo ds2500

    where is the cheapest place for me to get ds2500 pads for my 2003 S3
  8. Snuff


    hi i have an 03 S3 with 17 inch wheels . i want 18's but im confused as to what offset i need for my car keep reading different posts and im no wiser help me obi wan your my only hope
  9. Snuff


    BIG thanks to you bill for fitting my turbo intake pipe and filter today , gave it a good hammering on the way home lol cheers steveo
  10. Snuff

    i pod connector

    hi i had an I POD connector fitted to my 03 S3 by uplands in cardiff. it worked for about 3 days the the display said ccdc load and it wouldnt work since then i have been back and had 2 others fitted and they are all doing the same thing ? anyone else ever come across this problem thanks
  11. Snuff

    16502 engine coolant temp. circ high input

    16502 engine coolant temp. circ high input. thats what code is coming up on my s3. can some one translate to english. im thinking temp sensor
  12. Snuff

    poss clutch slip

    was giving the s3 a good run today and noticed that when i planned the go pedal the car didnt accelarate but the revs shot up,tried this a few times and it was still the same had no burning clutch smell tho. the car is on 82k. put in 6th and did the same from a lower speed and it pulled ok . and...
  13. Snuff

    ufc 135

    anybody watching this and if so, who are you picking outta JONES & RAMPAGE
  14. Snuff

    Badgeless grill S3

    seen a S3 where i live (caerphilly) and it had a nice badgeless grill and i thought to myself i like that , any ideas where i can get one from only want a good quality one tho
  15. Snuff

    remap done

    had it done today by celtic tuning. all i can say is wow took it for a blast nice smooth pull . very pleased
  16. Snuff

    why cant i reply to posts in the for sale section

    why cant i reply to posts in the for sale section. i try but it keeps aying i dont have permission
  17. Snuff

    electric folding mirrors

    does the S3 have electric folding mirrors. if so where is the switch coz it says in the manual they fold in . sorry if this seems like a stooopid question
  18. Snuff


    im gonna keep my up and coming mods as stealth like as i can so the question is . will i see a lot of difference between a induction kit and a panel filter upgrade.. was thinking about smoothing out the airbox and making sure there is a tidy airfeed to it what are peoples oppinions
  19. Snuff


    hi everyone. used to have a leon cupra and was a memeber of seat , but now i have a 2003 S3. and im starting on the modding road all over again SnUfF
  20. Snuff

    I pod connection

    Hi all this is my very first post . i had a leon cupra but now thats gone and i have a 2003 S3. what i need to know is can i fit an i pod to my head unit thanks in advance SnUfF