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  1. Darran

    2003 1.8t, i need small favour please

    Ok fellow frustated 1.8t owners,i need to know which way round 2 plugs go. If you look under the inlet manifold from n/s you will see 2 sensors bolted on the underside with vac pipes running into them , 1 has a green plug ,1 has a brown plug, which plug is nearest tothe front of the car please...
  2. Darran

    Centre dash vent removal ( round vent) a4 b6 cabby?

    Centre dash vent removal ( round vent) a4 b6 cabby? Anybody know how to remove the center vent of the 3 in the middle of the dash, it will not budge at min and im trying to remove it so i can fit a boost gauge actually into the vent as the vent is pointless anyway?? Reallt appreciate some help...
  3. Darran

    one for turbo experts

    This is a boost run graph from a 1.8t ,is it n75 or wastegate sticking? any help appreciated plz
  4. Darran

    Gearbox question

    Ok tech heads, fathers g/box is about to die and im struggling to find one with the right code, do they all fit each other or is there some mysterious difference i cant find?? Car is A4 2004 pd 130 5 speed manual. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Darran

    Mohair convertible roof change

    So folks,how easy is it to change just the material part of the roof to a new one, I'm considering it but I know from experience on other cars sometimes this can be more pain than its worth.I've been offered a mint roof at a good price but how easy is it please?????????
  6. Darran

    Dmf conversion to solid?

    Anyone done it ? I know a few who have done on other cars and used this kit They say it is perfect and there's no difference , no gear rattle or vibration.?
  7. Darran

    Heresssssssssssssssss Jessie

    Hello boys immmmm bacccckkkkkkk lol ( 2 films in one there, who can guess the titles. Well ive been released from cyber prison and here i am again, feels like ive never been away lol ( cryptic clue )
  8. Darran

    wheel centres

    Has anyone got 3 of these lying around they would like to sell me please. 8e0 601 165a
  9. Darran

    Is it possible to retro fit cruise control

    Ive read on the B7 forum how easy it is to fit cruise , my B6 doesn't have it, so is it same process as B7 or are we not spoilt like them .
  10. Darran

    b6 cabby headlights

    So whats the difference between saloon and cabby H/L,s ?? My lenses are knackered wont clean up,so got to replace ,cant find anywhere that sells just lenses.
  11. Darran

    17748 - Camshaft Position Sensor (G40) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28) P1340 - 001 - Incor. Correlation

    Today oi arv bin mostly investigating, Answer=NEVER let an untrained monkey fit a cambelt or this happens(was like this when i bought it) Looks ok so far!!!!.....................wait for it This is what happens when you dont take the front of the car off and do the job properly, 1...
  12. Darran

    Alarm siren question

    I have a4 b6 cabby, will one of these fit or are they specific to each model? Just taken mine apart and i dont think...
  13. Darran

    Full roof schematics

    This makes life alot easier,maybe someone can convert the file and upload it properly .
  14. Darran

    So....what do you think your cars worth ?
  15. Darran

    Convertible roof switch

    Anyone got one for sale please ?
  16. Darran

    DTC or (dammmmm trouble codes)

    VCDS Version: Release 12.12.0 Data version: 20130910 Sunday,01,February,2015,14:36:43:62939 Chassis Type: 8H (8E - Audi A4 B6/B7 (2001 > 2008)) Scan: 01 02 03 08 09 0F 11 15 16 17 18 25 36 37 45 46 55 56 57 65 67 69 75 76 77 VIN: WAUZZZ8H83K021003 Mileage: 166760km/103619miles...
  17. Darran

    N/S Headlight staying on

    Seem to have a problem with the nearside headlight not turning off dip beam. Stays on even with ignition off ? Is my car special LOL. Gonna put the vagcom on it tomorrow and put my cyber hand up its skirt! Anyone else had this problem ?
  18. Darran

    A4 1.8t Cabriolet owner

    Hi , been looking around too many audi forums for the right advice and most seem to make stuff up or be condescending, this one however seems perfect. Im 49 and have been a mechanic since i can remember , audi are somewhat new to me but must say im impressed with our A4 convertible, i bought it...