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  1. G4JSG

    I charge £15 an hour, so i fyou can do all the work and just need the software changes then it...

    I charge £15 an hour, so i fyou can do all the work and just need the software changes then it shouldn't take more than 45 mins.
  2. G4JSG

    Are you involved in a motorsport team, club or group?

    If you run a team, club or local group then I'd like to help. I run a business offering website hosting and I am willing to give this for FREE to help motorsports get online and allow people get involved more easily. You can use this to run forums, have a website showing off your club, sell...
  3. G4JSG

    Questions about Basic MMi on C6 (2007)

    I just, about 3 hours ago, bought a C6 Avant :D and I'm really happy with it...but have a few questions. I see it has bluetooth and Navigation but it's only the Red display with rough directions and voice guidance, no colour screen with map. So can I get an updated Map disc and if so how much...
  4. G4JSG

    Black 1988 VW Scirocco into Silver Time Machine

    Please excuse the plea.......BUT...and it's a big BUT I'm doing this years Wacky Rally, Lille to Barcelona, in July. I have the car bought and it's coming along nicely......but we seem to be struggling to get donations for our charities.......Credit Crunch I guess hasn't helped much. Please...
  5. G4JSG

    Which one to get?

    I have had a 1.9 TD 130bhp, 2.5 TD Q 180bhp, 3.2 Q V6 240bhp and currently have 1.8T 190bhp. the 1.9TDI was quick, economical and great to drive. But once you got used to it the power felt poor and even after a remap it wasn't great. the 2.5 TDi Q was an auto so gave a constant push form...
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    RS4 style Grille

    They didn't do a B6 RS4 so I think you are on about the B7 version, in which case you would need a rebuild of the front end of your car.....not a cheap or easy job.
  7. G4JSG

    engine on its way ..know the box .anyone done a 6 speed conversion

    I'd also like to know if it's an easy swap. My box has done 150k but I have just had my engine rebuilt and it would be nice to get a nice new 6 speed box too. John
  8. G4JSG

    1.8T ESP and EPC lights have come on

    Mine did this on Saturday. It started off a normal journey, then I stalled it at some lights, being frustrated I started it up and floored it at the same time. After that the 2 lights kept comeing on and I lost all power, if you turned it off and back on it worked fine until you tried overtaking...
  9. G4JSG

    got my car back after the engine reconditioning

    Do you have a 1.8T by chance? I just had mine rebuilt and it cost me over £3k with new clutch and turbo as well as the timing kit and engine rebuild. Mine feel very different now, it's wierd but it feels tighter and noisier!!!
  10. G4JSG

    Abs and Eps Light

    Could be brake light switch and the dash EPS and ABS lights are some sort of warning about the switch not working???? something very similar hapened on my MK4 Golf and £12 later and a new switch and all was well again. Do you know anyone with VAG-Com to get your car checked out?
  11. G4JSG

    Forum/Webserver Performance

    I run and It business. If you want quality hosting please give me a call. We can host this forum for you if you want on one of our dedicated servers. I have used this forum for years and recently have noticed how slow pages are to load and sometimes failt to load. It seems it might also be...
  12. G4JSG

    Traction control light always on 1st thing in the morning

    For the last 2 weeks now I have had the traction contorl light on the dash when I start my car first thing in the morning. If I drive for about 30 mins and then stop and start the car the light goes off for the rest of the day. Vag-com shows the following faults. Address 03: ABS Brakes...
  13. G4JSG

    A4 owners for Audi Driver?

    My 1.8t has full audi service history and engine went pop costing me over £3k to fix. So that means either Audi uses rubbish oils or your idea of changing the oil at 10k isn't a solution.
  14. G4JSG

    Oil pressure warning light!

    This happened to me 3 weeks ago, last weekend i got my car back after and engine rebuild and new turbo, clutch too, totalling £3k. 1.8t seems to be a great engine but if it goes wrong your ********. I have full audi service history and still had this problem. My engine needed a new crank...
  15. G4JSG

    Head unit problems

    To explain further.. The head unit recognises the cd changer(s) but just doesn't play the CDs or tracks, so it recognises the changer is connected but wil not operate it correctly. I don't mind too much about the looks of the after market head unit, I am more concerned of how to fit one and...
  16. G4JSG

    Head unit problems

    I have a Concert single CD head unit and it looks like my CD changer port is broke. Tried 3 CD changers on it now and they all fail to do anything on the head unit. The single CD works fine. So do I get a new Concert head unit or get an after market one? I have the sub in the boot but not...
  17. G4JSG

    A4 B6 VAG-Com help

    My car is a 2001, on the changeover new shape. I'll try and get a new auto scan and upload it here tomorrow. Thanks John
  18. G4JSG

    A4 B6 VAG-Com help

    I have got all the bits and ready to fit cruise control and aslo try and alter the door locking system The cruise fitting instructions start with "Select Coding. Enter the correct coding for your car" I'm stuck here. where do I get the coding form my car? I have done an auto read of the fault...
  19. G4JSG

    HELP. Need to find a part for my car.

    Vagparts said they were unable to supply as they said it wasn't a kit audi supplied. seems to be the info i was after. Thanks bubstar.
  20. G4JSG

    HELP. Need to find a part for my car.

    Some git has nicked some parts of my car and I'm trying to identify the part number so I can order them, my local Audi dealer parts bloke is brain dead so I need your help. Here is a picture of the front bumper of my car, I need the corner fog light surrounds from the corner of the bumper. The...