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    New to me A5

    Hi All Swapped my A4 2.0 Allroad for an A5 3.0 Cabriolet last week. Got to say I'm loving it! Thanks Mark.
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    CAHA Engine - ECU out?

    Hi All I've got a 2010 Allroad with the 2.0 TDi CAHA engine. Got one tuner (Quantum) telling me he needs the ECU out and Bluefin are saying it doesn't need to be removed. Can anyone advise or are they both right and just use different software? Thanks Mark.
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    Anyone retrofitted OEM Xenons

    Hello Can anyone tell me if the leveling motors will work on the xenon units by controlling the level adjuster switch inside the car? I intend to use the Kufatec harness. I still need to be able to adjust the level due to towing a caravan but don't want to go down the complete retrofit route...
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    Dipstick - 2.0 TDi 170 CAHA Engine

    Hi guys Bought a dipstick for my Allroad as didn't want to rely too much on the MMI - genuine part 03L115611E. The only problem is that it doesn't fit all the way in (not a complaint I normally have). The dipstick tube on my car has a bung on the top but fits underneath the engine cover. I've...
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    Halogen to Bi-xenon B8 Allroad

    Hi Trups Wanting to upgrade as per above. I've read about people splitting their headlights to fit a projector unit. Not really comfortable about the thought of this. Have you got anything made up ready for sale? Thanks Mark.
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    LED headlights - any one used them?

    Had an email with a link to these: Has anyone had any experience of these? Google reviews seem quite good Thoughts please.....
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    Android Bluetooth Audio (radio) to MMI 3G (with AMI)

    Hi Folks Looking into DAB and thinking a cheaper solution is to stream music from an app on my Samsung S7 via Bluetooth. I have MMI 3G High with AMI. Not currently using the AMI as all music is on SD cards. Can anyone recommend a Bluetooth adapter that would fit into the AMI? Thanks Mark.
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    Climate Control Temp Changes No Longer On MMI

    Hi chaps I had my car in for a new climate control module as there were some pixels not working. Got it back and now the little dials that pop up on the MMI when you adjust the temperature and heated seats don't show any more. I've scanned the module and the old one ended was : SW: 8T2 820...
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    Audi Drive Select not coding

    Hi All Not sure if anyone else has tried coding this: I can tick the box for "Drive Select" fitted in byte 7 but then byte 8 only had the one box available which is for magnetic ride (which I don't have with it being the Allroad). Any ideas...
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    Which Sound System / Speakers Do I Have?

    Hi All I've got an A4 Allroad fitted with the 3G High (HDD) Navigation without B&O speakers but I do have a subwoofer under the spare wheel. Any idea if this is the Audi Sound System / Audi Sound Plus System / anything else? Does anyone know the specs e.g how many speakers (and where) and the...
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    M6 gearbox oil change

    Hi folks Car is coming up to 83k miles and I'm thinking despite being "sealed for life" changing the gearbox oil won't do any harm. Any thoughts or recommendations for oil? Thanks Mark.
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    Component Protection

    Hi Car is in the garage getting a new climate control unit fitted. Apparently the Audi server is down that enables component protection is down and has been since yesterday lunchtime. Anyone know if this is correct or are they pulling my chain? Cheers
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    2008 A8 3.0 TDi anything to look for?

    Hi Chaps Looking at the above as I've always liked the A8. The car has done 114k miles but has FSH (6 stamps so longlife). Anything I should look for? Thanks Mark.
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    Retrofitting Cruise Control

    Hi Does anyone have a guide? All that I can see are ones where the photo hosting service has expired and therefore I cannot view any images. Thanks in advance Mark.
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    Lumbar Support

    I understand some 3 door model seats had (electric) lumbar support - mine doesn't. Please can anyone answer: Do any half leather S-Line seats have it fitted or do I have to upgrade to a leather interior? Thanks Mark.
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    Asda Screenwash

    Just bought 5 litres of concentrate for £1 - grab a bargain!
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    Quantum Remap

    Hi Any one got any opinions on them remapping a 2.0 TDi 140? Believe they are ex-Superchips people. Thanks Mark.
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    LED rear lights - question for those who have them

    Hi Thinking of upgrading to these as a retrofit (using genuine Audi items). Quick question for those people who have them - are all of the lights LED i.e. indicators, reversing lights, brake lights etc or is it just the tail lights / brake lights? Thanks Mark.
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    Oil capacity and recommendations

    Hi All Got the 2.7 TDi (BPP code) engine. Getting conflicting answers on how much oil I need for an oil and filter change. Plus what oil are people using? Thanks Mark.
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    Exhaust ends 2.7 TDi Quattro Avant

    Probably been asked a 1000 times but how do you remove the downward facing ends so that some nice shiny straight ones can be fitted? Thanks