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    Central locking and fuse 38

    I’m having a problem with my central locking on my s3 it keeps blowing fuse 38. I’m unsure if it could be a faulty pump or the ecu in the pump has anyone one else had this problem? I’m not sure what the 3 plugs are for on the pump but fuse 38 knocks out boot lights, elec windows and central...
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    Audi 8P wheels on 8L S3

    I have just got some audi A3 wheels for my 8L S3 from a 8P car with 4 new tyres but i like the wheels more than my s3 ones i know my wheels are 5x100 and these must be 5x112 both wheels are 225x45 R17 also the offset is ET56 and the ones on my S3 are ET32 what size hud adaptors should i be...
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    remove/refit sump how long?

    Just had my S3 serviced at local vw centre (specialists) Service cost £126.81 + VAT Total £149 I supplied the oil for them as i was going to do it myself Included in price New Oil filter New Pollen filter Is £126 + VAT a good price? Also I had the sump removed and new oil strainer fitted...
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    Crackerling BOSE Speaker

    I got my car last July (Audi S3 2001 with BOSE) and then after about a week I noticed the front passenger speaker was not working. I took the door card off to find there was not a speaker there! After months of looking on ebay and asking here for a front boase speaker I finaly got a pair from...
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    Vagcom Results

    Well just had my first real play with VagCom apart from doing the diagnostics scan which is all i have done before. I have done some 3rd gear runs from 2500rpm to redline to see if all is running well before I think about getting it remapped. Results below The S3 has never seemed really...
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    Engine oil Flush Yes/No

    I have been reading up about Forte motor Oil flush looks good stuff some people say used it it really good and some say dont can do more harm than good. what are peoples opions on this and who here has used it on there S3
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    Few servicing questions about my S3

    Hello all Just some questions about oil change and what type of oil to use My car has now done 87,845 as you can see below the car has been serviced about every 10k. Now it’s getting near 100k mark I'm thinking of an oil change every 5k. The oil is starting to get pretty dirty since last service...
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    Measuring Blocks VAG-COM

    I have VAG-COM and want to check my cars is holding boost and running right seems to be a bit flat after 4k going to go for a ride about later what are the best blocks to log to check for boost pressure and other things what blocks can you measure BHP from Sorry I'm new to using VAG-COM...
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    Jabba Remap

    I'm unsure What to go for I want the car to feel faster but i'm not going to mod it keep it standard (apart from forge DV) so would a Generic - Stage 1 do ok? I know Custom - Stage 2 would be better but is it worth the £115 more? Whats the most you should give your engine before upgrading...
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    InPRO mirrors

    Are they metal or plastic covers i know they are plated chrome but would like to know what they are made of. cheers Dan
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    Concert CD HU

    would part number 8PO 035 186 fit my 2001 S3 it's a single din concert tape player in there at the min want to change it to single disc concert it's out of a "a3 2005"
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    S3 front speakers replacement

    As i'm finding it hard to find a replacement front speaker (BOSE 8L0 035 411) for my s3, what could I use to replace them? Straight swap not much messing about and sounds just as good or better than the bose ones I ordered some Front BOSE speakers off ebay last week (see pics) and when they...
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    S3 84k time for Cam belt?

    I have not had the S3 long and have already spent much more than I liked to but I’m thinking I need the cam belt done as I have no record of it ever being replaced. I have been looking on jabba sport site for prices I know I will need the belt changed and I will also get the water pump done...
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    size of tyres

    whats the biggest tyre you can get on an S3 without needing spacers atm i have 225 x 45 17" would 235mm or 245mm fit ok?
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    I Need a....

    I want to get a phatnoise for my S3 but then I will lose my cd changer :( At the min I have the concert tape player HU with 6 disc changer so i'm after a concert single disc HU that works with phatnoise and my BOSE system anyone got one to sell? it's a 2001 S3 single DIN HU if that helps...
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    S3 Seats

    Hello I'm new to the S3 :) Is there something missing off my seats or is this how they are finished in the S3
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    My S3 = Headache

    Background story I only had the car for about 3 weeks. I got it from a dealer in Peterborough and have had these problems from when I was half way home. These problems occurred less than 30 miles after picking it up. I called the dealer the next day. He told me to take it to his garage the...
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    Speed on MPG screen

    I was looking on youtube last month before I got my S3 and i'm sure I saw a video where the LCD screen (in the dash) was displaying the current MPH is this possible to do on a 2001 S3? and is there anything else it can display
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    Passenger speaker

    I have recently purchased my first Audi (2001, S3) however my passenger door speaker does not work. :( Is this a common fault and what should I check before taken it in to have it fixed. I looked at the cables going through the door and they seem fine it's not even intermittent which would...
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    CAM Belt Replacement

    I have a 2001 S3, 85k on the clock. I have no record of when/if the timing belt has been replaced and was going to ring round some of the Audi garages who have serviced it before. I would like to know the rough millage it should be changed, then I will ring that dealer and ask if they have a...