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    Massive Electrical Issues

    Hey guys Been a while since I posted on here but I need some advice. Booked my A4 into an independent specialist on Friday because a (very) occasional electrical problem has now transitioned to a pretty much permanent electrical problem. Currently not working: Indicators/Hazards Exterior...
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    Poor taste joke

    Michael Jackson was disappointed when Stephen Gately arrived in Heaven... He thought they said that someone from the boys home was coming.
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    Only saw the first one (re-run) last night and it looks interesting. What does everyone think? Right after everyone starts to awake did anyone else notice the two orbs in the otherwise clear sky above the pier?
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    New Audi security system

    Sorry if this is a repost, but it tickled me! Edit: didn't appear to want to hotlink!
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    Audi A4 on 'Tweels'

    Sorry if this is a repost...
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    McLaren has at least 1 (cheeky little) Spanish fan!

    Sorry if this is a repost but just stumbled on this: Note the little girl and the little 'bird' in the picture at the bottom! Intentional or not it still made me laugh! :lmfao: Edit: For some reason the above link...
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    CarPuter. Anyone thought about it or even done it?

    Has anyone on here thought about installing a CarPuter in their Audi or even actually gone ahead and done it? At heart I'm bit of a geek so the thought of having a PC in my car is well, quite exciting (I need to get out more!). I'd toyed with the idea of simply changing the HU and getting a...
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    BMW to drop "unnecessary" indicators!

    We've all known for years that indicators are an optional extra on a BMW but it appears demand is so low that BMW themselves have finally designed them out...
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    Absolutely, 100% Geniune For Sale: White R8.... £26,690!

    Couldn't really find anywhere else to post this (strangely there's no R8 section on At £26,690 its a bargain if ever I saw one!!
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    Recovering vehicle from Police impound

    My brother in law was stopped by the Police for driving with no licence, thus invalidating his insurance. The vehicle was taken to a Police impound however no details have yet been given on the procedure for recovering the vehicle from the impound. He has been informed over the phone that a...
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    5 spokers for 03 A4??

    As the title says, does anybody know of any nice 5 spokers that may suit the A4? I know 5 spokers may not be everybodies cup of tea but I like them, they're real easy to keep clean... and I love being able to see the inside of a nice polished rim!! (Oh err missus! :) )
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    Coolest table/computer ever!!

    I absolutely want one of these... no faffing about manually sending stuff to different devices, choose which film I want and 'push' it off over towards the TV... would be great to have as tables in a trendy bar... or in a boardroom where I'm sure nothing productive would ever get done again...
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    Most fuel efficient driving 'technique'

    I'm not talking about having a 'lead foot' rather which is better for fuel efficiency when pootling around town ... A) Keep the car in a lower gear, just enough to be in the range of the turbo spooling up and actually doing something? or B) Select a gear so that the revs stay below the...
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    European GP

    What a start! Looks like we could be in for a good race... for a change. No wonder Hamilton didn't want to leave his car, he kept his engine running! Damn, they've red flagged it! Isn't it about time cars can be rescued from gravel traps and allowed to rejoin the race? Sod, the extra...
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    Cheeky as f*ck: American Football Touchdown

    Even if you don't like American Football (which I don't incidentally, I just came across this clip looking for random stuff) this has to be one of the cheekiest touchdowns ever!
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    Hmmm... feel like i'm blasphemin here talkin on a car website. As a GSXR 1000 rider it is good tho. I'm definitely faster than anyone on here as i regularly argue with my cousin who is the one logged on so anybody else who'd like to educate this fool please feel...
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    F1: ITV are tossers!

    :motz: :motz: :motz: :motz: :motz: I know ITV are a commercial station and therefore rely on adverts during the F1 for their income so this rant isn't going to be about that, however much it annoys me, but do they have to be the complete and utter, grade A c**ts and spoil the late highlights...
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    Hilarious Football Streaker! (Advert Parody!)

    Sorry if this is a repost but I came across this on YouTube and laughed 'til I cried! Anyone know if this was staged for the advert or if it was real and Nike (showing a remarkable sense of humour!) bought the footage to make an advert? I'm...
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    F1: Taki Inoue gets hit by safety car!

    Sorry if this has been posted before but just found this on YouTube: If it wasn't bad enough that Taki got hit by the car the Marshall with him walks into the side of it (and his body language suggests he feels a bit stupid for walking into the...
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    Middle Eastern Motor Madness!! Sorry if this is a repost, but this is one of the best clips I've seen for a while! The first part is quite frankly bizarre, then watch as some guys with far, far too much money total some seriously nice cars...