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    TYRE Recommendation Required - HELP

    Need to replace all four tyres for my S3 - what shall i get and why... Any idea if is the best? PS this forum rocks!
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    New Tyres, Wiper Blades & Silver Wing Mirror

    Need some advice, 1. Good place to get new tyres for S3 225BHP 52 plate. 2. Where to get no BS wind screen wipers (Halfards are crap!) 3. Silver polished wing mirrors Lastly my car is 35,000 miles it worth taking it to AUDI for the next service or to an 'AUDI...
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    S3 Tracking to the left!

    when i am :racer: the car tracks to the left, infact pulls to the left, have had geometry check at Audi Specialist, said all ok at zero degrees. He changed rear to front as wheels are dircetional, felt ok for a few days. On the motorway the pull to the left is quite pronounced... Its a 52 plate...