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    Car not starting, help please?

    Hi All, I've got an issue with my car, now I've never had this issue before so just wanted some advice before I go to the dealership. I haven’t drove my car for about 2 weeks and yesterday when I started it all was good. Then I got to the petrol garage to get some petrol. When i got back...
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    propshaft bearing for S5 v8

    Hi All, Have any of you had to replace this? if so, how much did it cost you and at what mileage (mine has done 76k) When I'm driving it sounds like I have an exhaust clamp loose and the noise is horrible. Anyway my mechanic is fixing this on Wednesday but wanted to know what others have done...
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    Very Strange Noise From Car? S5 V8

    Hi All, This weekend I've noticed a strange noise coming from the car. It sounds like something metal is rattling/banging underneath the car and only occurs when coming off the throttle and when the car is closing down. It sounds like its coming from or banging against the exhaust as the noise...
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    Still have not figured out how to turn off traffic info....

    Does anyone know how to turn off traffic info? It seems to interupt my music playing quite a bit and if I cant do it this week then I will have to take a drive to Audi and get them to show me. Surely someone from here has already done this though?
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    Traffic report is still driving me mad.. Help please

    Hi All, So after trying to work out how to turn off the traffic report I've still not managed to resolve this. Does anyone know how this is done? Otherwise Ill have to take a trip to Audi. P.S. its the S5 58 plate. Thnaks,
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    Squeaky windows and traffic alert question?

    Hi Guys, I have 2 questions I need some information on. Firstly, when I open my windows they squeak horribly and wanted to know what the best way to stop this is? What I’ve noticed is when it’s hot outside they tend to squeak more than when it’s cold. However they do squeak pretty much...
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    Need some more power, what to do?

    Hi All, So over the weekend me and my mate decided to check the difference in speed of my v8 s5 and his astra vxr. Unfortunatley I was a little shocked. My friends vxr has been remapped and has an uprated air filter but I think that it. he said its running around 284 bhp. So, he was ever so...
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    How much would you pay, advice please....?????

    I've seen a second hand milltek exhaust for sale for the S5. Brand new its £1500-£1600 but the guy selling it says its been on the car for 4 months. My question is, how much would you pay for it? Looks pretty new from the photos Thanks in advance
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    Car Wrapping - Who should I do too?

    Hi All, I am planning on getting my S5 wrapped in Matt black and wanted to know if anyone has already had this done (doesnt have to be wrapped in matte black), where and how much they paid? If anyone has any reccomedations or photos of their cars wrapped, that would be much appreciated...