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    Who's got vwr r600

    juat looking to see who's got this along with an apr map did it make any difference at all and do you get a suction noise from it or is it still standard sounding
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    Recall website

    I Tryed googling it and searching on here but all I am finding is the emissions check website but looking to see if there's any recalls for other things had my local audi chase me for last 3 days looking to speak to me and have now sent a recorded letter to get in contact with them? Seems a bit...
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    Buy Vcds cable USA?

    Going on holiday to the USA and was Wondering has Any one bought the cable when there away is it cheaper or is there no differenc e?
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    Quarter mile times??

    What's everyone quarter mile times just curious looking to taking mines up for a play?.... Dsg sport back ? What's the sort of time should I be looking at with launch control
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    s3 Stage 1 remap another poll

    Hey just looking to see what way a lot of the forum has went in terms of stage 1 maps I have my own preference on what way I want to go but I am curious to see what other people with s3 are going for
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    Passenger Wiper Blade

    daft question but does everyone's passenger wiper blade make contact threw the window at all times? In the corner of the passenger blade it rises 3/4 inches before it starts to clear any one else notice this or am I the only ocd in
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    ABS pump? mk5 golf 1.9 tdi vag disable

    hi I have been told you can disable the abs pump threw vag which would then stop it flagging up got it on my dads car [esp light] wanting to turn the light of short term until we get the new pump fitted any help on telling me where to find it would be great
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    Tuners in Glasgow area

    Hey I have came from the ford scene (sorry for saying that bad. Word) ha but I am looking to start having a play with my s3 but there doesn't seem to be such a modify scence as there is for ford can any one recommend good garages around my way looking to put a map on the car as well as a down pipe
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    Who's had warranty work?

    never had an audi before but how are they on warranty work does it just depend on each dealership? Or is the standard quite good only asking as I have a sport back and I can hear wind noise from one of the back doors and just wounded how easy getting this fixed would be
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    S Tronic????

    had my 2015 s3 for a month or so now and I don't know if the s Tronic is that smooth on start up has any one else got this problem? Also I had a play with the modes and when on efficient :wacko: (don't judge me) haha but when it drops the revs and then you put the throttle Back down it does kind...
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    Tech pack uk

    First post hi people :) Hoping some one can help me here, I have an s3 with the tech spec but when I read about the tech spec I am seeing I should have a space to insert a SIM card but I dont? I do have nav, and a 11gb /3000files of space for the hard drive is this correct? I see you can do...