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  1. A5GUR

    AUDI A3/8P Haynes Manual

    It seems like Haynes manuals have dissapeared for neww cars. I need one for and 8P 3 door but cant seem to find anything similar. Any suggestions? thx
  2. A5GUR


    HI guys, some time ago, i posted a thread about my S3 getting nicked, and later being recovered. After loads of debating, the insurer has said they will give me a payment in lieu, which basically mean they will give me cash instead of repairing the vehicle. The only thing that needs repair/...
  3. A5GUR

    Car Stolen/ Recovered. Help!

    Been a while since ive been on here but here it goes. Last night, somebody broke into my house and stole my car. I activated the tracker and the car was recovered 3 hours later. The police still have it for forensics, but on intial inspection 3 of the alloys need refurbing, needs 1 new tyre. and...
  4. A5GUR

    BBS CH 19" wheel exchange

    I am offering this rare opportunity to swap some 18" standard s3 wheels for some 19" bbs ch's with Toyo T1-R tyres. The tyres have covered less than 5k miles. The standard S3 wheels need to be in excellent condition with excellent condition tyres. The reason for the swap is i am part exing my...
  5. A5GUR

    Wiring to the Ignition

    Is there anywhere near the front fogs a wire linked to the ignition. Ive bought some lights for the front, and i want them wired to the ignition. Just wondering what the easiest way is.
  6. A5GUR


    After 3 weeks of waiting, my car was ready to collect on Friday. Unfortnunately, my brother decided he wanted to take it to john o groates for Fri/Sat :no: . Sorry for the links, couldnt work out how to post the pics. Out with the old...
  7. A5GUR

    Auxillary Connection

    Do the S3's with DVD Nav come with an auxillary connection? Or is it just the memory card slots? Thanks
  8. A5GUR

    Vag.Com Commands

    Hopefully i should be picking up my S3 on Saturday (cant wait). Its already arrived at the dealership but im not going to get a chance to get there until Saturday. Whilst its just 'sitting' there, is there anything i can ask them to do with it. I remeber on my MK4 R32 you could activate a...
  9. A5GUR

    Tyre Widths

    As stated in my previous post, i am due to be collecting my baby on Saturday as long as nothing major comes up at work. So as an early present for my car, i have managed to source some BBS CH 8X19 5X112 Alloys. I was wondering which size tyres to go for and was hoping for your opinions on the...
  10. A5GUR

    Any speak/ understand german?

    Anybody fluent in german? or...
  11. A5GUR

    bbs ch

    where can i get these in 19" fitment for a 8P S3?. I understand from Damian that BBS have stopped production. Does anybody know of anybody who would have them in stock? Ta! P.S i know there is a set on ebay but id prefer new.
  12. A5GUR

    Will they fit?

    Has anybody had any experience or know of anybody who has fitted 19x10's on the rear? The tyre size should be 265/30/19. Just wondering whether there were any rubbing issues etc?
  13. A5GUR

    Seatbelt Ping

    I read somewhere on the forum that the seatbelt ping can be deactivated via VAGCOM. Is this something i can ask my dealer to sort before i take delivery of the car. I know its a safety feature, but alot of time a need to go literally down the road, so its a little annoying. ta very much!
  14. A5GUR

    Cargo Storage Net

    I know some of you must be thinking what the f*ck is he on about:think: . But how easy/hard is to retro fit the cargo net whick goes on the side of the centre console? It seems to be a really conveneient place to store the manuals for the car etc. I know they dont look entirely attractive, but...
  15. A5GUR


    Not sure if this is in the correct area. Im looking at getting a 4gb memory card for my 2007 S3 which will be arriving in the very near future. What is the best card to go for: - MMC - SD Im a little confused. The brochure says it takes both. So dont want to order the wrong. What is the best...
  16. A5GUR

    S3 Keyring

    Is there a genuine Audi S3 keyring available? I need to ask my dealer to throw something in besides a full tank, so i thought this would be a nice choice. Part no would be hand. ta
  17. A5GUR

    Mobile Phone Location

    Where do you guys keep your mobile phone when in the car? Although my car will have bluetooth, there is not a cradle available for it yet. The dashmount doesent look very neat in between the two centre grilles!
  18. A5GUR


    Do you guys regret getting or not getting certain options on your S3/A3? My regrets refer to options i didnt order: - Sunroof (i know alot of people dont like these, but i think they are good for letting in light so people can see your seats and more importantly YOU. Also, quite refreshing...
  19. A5GUR

    Pic Request please

    Guys and Gals, does anybody know where i can find a picture of the new S3 with BBS CH 19" wheels
  20. A5GUR

    New Member - Help!!

    Hi guys. As you have probably already gathered, im new here. After the past couple years of Vw/ BMW ownership, i have decided to switch. I have just put a deposit down on an '07' S3 It is well spec'd. It has: - Sprint Blue - DVD Sat Nav - Flat Bottom Steering Wheel - Cruise - Armrest - 6 CD -...