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  1. Bensonmutton

    What adapter cable to buy?

    I think I have decided what I want for my A4 2007, the Pioneed AVH-X3500DAB They are sensibly priced. My problem is, there are way to many adapter choices, and I can't work out which one I need. I know I have no steering wheel audio controls, and I know the radio is a Concert III. But I have...
  2. Bensonmutton

    Want DAB in my 2007 A4 - what options do I have?

    FM radio is truly horrendous these days, CDs repeat too often. My A4 audio choices are currently massively hampered the factory concert 2+. I would love to get DAB (and if possible USB and or Bluetooth) but both the kits I have seen require steering wheel audio controls ( which I do not have)...