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  1. gianton

    New disks for the front and back.

    I went for ATE disks and pads very good quality.
  2. gianton

    tiptronic or multitronic?

    Get a tiptronic for piece of mind. Get it serviced (oil and filter change) every 50k miles and it will last for ever.
  3. gianton

    Audi a6 avant
  4. gianton

    Been told I have to replace the inlet manifold for €1000

    Check here Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. gianton

    A4 B6 2.5 TDI Quattro suspension

    Hi, A friend of mine owns an A4 '04 2.5 TDI Quattro Tiptronic station wagon with the lowered sport suspension as pre installed by the factory. He wants to change the suspension to the normal higher one as he wants higher clearance from the ground. Is this possible? If yes which set should he...
  6. gianton

    ASB and CDY engine differences?

    As I said I was in front of the whole process, at the same day I had the DPF "guts" removed and DPF/EGR delete in the ECU. I had a DPF and it was diagnosed as clogged by the local AUDI dealer and that was the reason my first set of injectors were damaged (white smoke in idle etc). See attached...
  7. gianton

    ASB and CDY engine differences?

    I know I had a DPF as I had its guts removed and had the DPF delete in ecu. I was in front throughout the whole process.
  8. gianton

    ASB and CDY engine differences?

    My '06 Allroad has a DPF with the ASB engine.
  9. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    Small update, the ABS/EPB faults are still present, I booked for a thorough look up at an electrician who used to work in Audi dealers. Hopefully he will diagnose the issue and find the right fix. What the car does is when the ESP is engaged the car doesn't accelerate past 3000 rpm I then have...
  10. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    No 1st scan CAN Gateway check was OK. Maybe smth went wrong with my procedure of rescanning the 2nd time. Check my 1st scan here: Tuesday,12,April,2016,15:25:44:05031 VIN: License Plate: Mileage: 234460km-145686mi Repair Order...
  11. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    This is the 3rd scan as my local electrician scanned and cleared all faults last week. The missing info was removed by me all info are there... I'm using v15.7.1 on my laptop running Windows 10 x64. I'll rescan in a few days as I already cleared all faults and hopefully it was a one-time issue...
  12. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    I have cleared the fault codes and rescanned. I will do as you say and drive the car around for a few days and rescan. What troubles me more is the ABS one.
  13. gianton

    1st VCDS scan, help needed.

    Hello, Performed my 1st VCDS scan today, a lot of faults detected. Could you please advise what is the meaning of each fault and which are the ones to be worried about? Thanks very much in advance, Antonis Tuesday,12,April,2016,16:11:34:05031 VIN: License Plate: Mileage...
  14. gianton

    LED rear lights - question for those who have them

    Yes BTW, this is the tail light for my car (A6 Allroad '06 3.0 TDI)
  15. gianton

    It's me again, servicing questions and is this noise my tensioner?

    My car has 140k miles and had the tranny oil/filter changed 3 times so far. First change was at 80k and rest two every 30k. Last one was last month. Other than the glogged DPF which destroyed the injectors and finally replaced them with a DPF removal and EGR delete, haven't had any serious...
  16. gianton

    Post pics of your A6/S6/Allroad (C6 Chassis)

    New member saying hello from Greece.