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    Road trip - Europe

    They make life so much easier. Assuming you have a Sanef then you can use the left 2 lanes where you don’t have to stop.
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    A click when turning would normally point to a starter motor issue although you may need to plug it into VCDS to confirm there aren’t any other issues first
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    Audi Announcement

    Nice try, I’ve heard better
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    Road trip - Europe

    It’s the same in Switzerland. It’s about £30, I wouldn’t risk the embarrassment unless it was a lot more.
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    Road trip - Europe

    If your car doesn’t have a spare then buy a tyre and take it with you. If you get a flat then it might be a hard size to get hold of.
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    Strange driving habits you've developed...

    When I pull up to a junction I put the car into first. I sit and wait to go, as soon as it’s time to go, I put the car into neutral then back into first.
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    Workplace issue opinions

    Sounds like I wouldn’t want the job if I were you.
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    Range Rover Sport, 99 turns and 999 steps to Heavens Gate, China.

    This is essentially a Discovery though, not a Range Rover
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    Range Rover Sport, 99 turns and 999 steps to Heavens Gate, China.

    Isn’t that the purpose of a Sport. Full size Range Rovers are for males. The sport is the woman’s version isn’t it?
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    Oh deary me it's going to snow, so the country will grind to a halt again...

    Despite having the car for a few years this is the first time I’ve had a chance to try it in a decent amount of snow. Got to say I was happy with the 4wd. Easy to get going when people all around we’re getting stuck on banks. Just got to remember that I can still only turn and stop the same as...
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    Oh deary me it's going to snow, so the country will grind to a halt again...

    Must be snowing in London cause it has made the news.
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    Pot hole repair, Brilliant !

    He should have used wheetabix or porridge. They turn to concrete on the side of the bowl.
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    Goblin Works.

    I’ve been watching this and think it’s quite good. Don’t think it’s a great advert for the company though. One episode they built a bike and it wouldn’t start. Next episode they built a bike and the rider crashed it before the company they built it for had even seen it. I missed all episodes...
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    I have washed my Audi 2007 2.0 diesel 170hp and my glow plug light came on the board

    I’m not sure how a vote will help you in this case. I would suggest you look on the VCDS map and get the car plugged in to see what’s recorded.
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    Parcel Farce

    So what was the problem? Is it that there are 2 prices?
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    Parcel Farce

    I’ve read it again, it sounds like they are asking you the weight online and you don’t have it?
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    Parcel Farce

    Surely this is your fault for not knowing the weight of the item you expect them to carry.
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    Parking discussion

    I absolutely agree with you that people are ignorant but surely you’re equally guilty of this. Why not try parking somewhere further away where the car park may be empty.
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    South of France will allow you to buy your tag. There’s an initial fee and an annual fee but other than that you just pay for what you use. If you send it back after you’re done with it then you get most of your money back. If you’re planning on going to Paris then don’t forget you’ll need...
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    Parking discussion

    Far too many people are inconsiderate of parking. When you park in a disabled or parent and child space the place may be empty when you arrive but possibly not when you return. If you are having trouble fitting your car into a regular parking space then consider the following: Park elsewhere...