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    A4 S-line (120bhp) - REMAPPING

    Hi, I know FINALLY purchased the A 4 S - line, and the pictures will be uploaded in a couple days due to various factors where I am extremely busy and It doesn't help me buying a car lol. Now I am thinking of getting it remapped due to the fact I've driven cars that have been 140bhp or above...
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    Timing belt

    Hi guys, I hope you can help me out on this and give me the correct answer. When does a timing belt on a Audi A4 B8 S-Line needs to be changed, the vehicle I am currently looking to purchase has done 49K and is on 59 plate. Thank you.
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    Decision, decision - any help people

    Hi folks, I was hoping you can help me out on this matter as 'Audi Dynamik' kindly advised me what to do. Well I'll get straight to the point; I am currently pending on buying an Audi A4 S-Line (B8 model) which is at @ standard 120bhp. The car has DRL-Xenon, bluetooth, and SatNav, full...
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    Hi, I was directed to you in regards to day-light for my number plate, and also interior day-lights. But as I am novice, I don't know where to start or the cost. I am also looking at converting my halogen bulbs with HID, but then I got told just change the whole housing to DRL with projectors...
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    Inti - member from - 13/09/2012

    Hiii, I hope everybody is fine, and I am proud owner of 2 Audi A3's which one S-line (YD11) is going on sale very very soon as we speak. I've met some really helpful and kind individuals on, and I hope to have many years of posting. That's it from me, I shall see you folks...
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    Remapping A4 S-line (120BHP)

    Hi folks, Is it worth remapping my vehicle; getting that extra bhp, that extra torque and better mpg on fuel. If I did, who are the experts, and from your experience who would you recommend. It's been playing on my mind, what shall I do.....Help!!! lol Thanks