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    Rolling road day Regal tuning York Sat 2nd Sept

    Hi Guys/girls I'm running a rolling road day on 2nd sept at Regal tuning in York and need five more cars, find a link to Briskoda below, £20 deposit to secure spot which is refundable on the day, I'm running my Audi a1 myself so be good to have some more Audi's, please pm or reply to thread...
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    Just been to santa pod

    Ive just been to santa pod for the first run of the year, its the first time ive been and what an experience, albeit a bit disorganised and the flaming fog this morning didnt help, ive got a a3 with just CAI and zorst and my best time was 16.2 @ 88MPH, is that any good, i thought it werent bad...
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    1/4 mile racing any hints

    Hi there, im taking my car to santa pod on sunday to do a few runs up the quarter mile, anyone got any hints for me to get good times i.e good launching, anyone know what times i should be expecting from a fairly standard 150bhp a3 1.8t sport, id appreciate any help as ive never done this sort...
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    Carbonio CAI

    Am seriously considering getting a carbonio CAI for my car, its a 1.8t a3 i have heard nothing but good things about them and they are alot cheaper then the new k&N CAI equivelant, anyone got any thoughts, or can you tell me what air induction system you are using at the moment, anyone...
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    Lexus lights

    anyone got any pics of the black lexus lights on a grey a3, any help would be great, just want to see what they look like
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    Lowering an a3 1.8t sport

    Ive seen some Koni sport springs for sale from awesome gti claim to lower it 35-40mm, only £75 sounds like a bargain, just want to do the springs at the moment so any thoughts would be great, anyone got any pics of an a3 lowered around 35-40mm, any issues with rubbing, grounding out etc, im...
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    1/4 Miles times please 1.8t not S3

    i was just wondering what sort of 1/4 mile times i would run in a fairly standard 1.8T Sport 150bhp, and also you guys with remaps to around 200-220, what sort of times are you running would love to know the difference, cheers
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    Help! Symphony II Headunit Double Din Size

    Please somebody help, i wish to change my standard headunit which is the double din size one with built in six cd changer ive been looking for facia adapters but they only seem to list them for the single din units, is it possible without replacing the whole centre unit of the dash that only has...
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    Sports Cat 200cell thoughts?

    ive got a custom made cat back exhaust system, would adding a sports cat, i was thinking Milltec 200cel add any bhp, plus would it sound any different i.e loudness, any thoughts recommendations and prices would be appreciated, thanks once again
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    Strange Scratches on NS & OS Windows

    I have recently notice a quite long line of scracthes on both my front windows in exactly the same place on each side and roughly the same height aswell goes about half way up the window, has anyone else experiebnced this, i suspect the window regulators to gbe at fault and the windows catching...
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    Exhaust Popping on decelleration

    Ive just had a Custom Made Exhaust put on My Audi A3 1.8t i love the sound and the popping on blipping the throttle i just want to make sure i am not damaging the engine, anyone else had any experience with these, i had the exhaust made at Pipecraft in Basildon In essex, i cannot recommend them...