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    S3 - Twanging noise from steering.

    Went out to drive my S3 this afternoon, as I was driving along there was a very loud twang noise from the front end, accompanied by vibrations through the steering column. Turned it straight round and come home; essentially about 1 turn of lock either right or left, it makes the twanging noise...
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    S3 Undertray

    Hi guys, I'm trying to sort out an undertray for my 2002 S3, seen as the previous owner has somehow managed to lose it. Been to Teesside Audi today who quoted me £167(!!) for the undertray specific to the S3. Part number they gave me was 8L9 825 235B. Can anyone confirm that this is the...
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    2002 S3 over boost issues

    Hello guys, My first post, and sadly one really needing some help! Bought my 2002 BAM 225 S3 in mid-July, with 50k miles on and full service history. However couple of days after I got it, noticed it wasn't running right and was losing power/going into limp mode. Plugged it into VAG-com and...