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    SAT NAV's got me swimming!!

    Hi Guys, got an A4 S line Avant 08 plate fresh out the dealer yesterday and the SATNAV has decided I live in the River Mersey! It's got me in the right City but about a mile out from where I actually am! I've called the dealer and they said to remove the dvd disc leave it out over night...
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    Hitman ,bloodmoney Xbox

    YES! completed it last night all levels. Admitedly on rookie but its done. Now to go Pro, maybe!
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    coughing and spluttering 1.8T

    Madvw, spot on sir! had all 4 coil packs replaced by Audi, as a goodwill gesture they did it under warranty, happy with that!!
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    coughing and spluttering 1.8T

    As the title says my A3 has taken to coughing and spluttering, real loss of power. engine management light is flashing aswell. any ideas for a diagnosis????
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    Radio diverse box

    Been told by my dealer that my radio diversity box needs replacing, anybody else had this problem? Can only get a couple of radio stations. Classic and radio 4!!!
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    Crank case oil seal

    Found a cheeky oil leak on my 1.8T, iving in N.Ireland i dont have a lot of choice but to take it down to Issac Agnew on the boucher road. Diagnosed as crank case oil seal, apparently these dont go very often i'm just unlucky ! You're not wrong there as the bill is going to be around £500...
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    Radio tuning dramas

    Sussed it the feed to the aieral amp was knacked. All sorted now
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    Hitman ,bloodmoney Xbox

    Am absolutely loving this game Not got all the way through yet but its great Anyone else on the murder trail?
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    Radio tuning dramas

    Have got the navi plus system in my 02 A3, thing is it'll only pick up radio 2 and classic FM! And nothing at all on AM Is there a way of changing the sensitivity so it picks up not just the strongest signals?
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    Phatnoise Basic

    Got my phat noise from ebay from rally959, says he's in milton keynes but it arrived from Illinois usa with £58 customs charge! All in all came to £259. Not bad compared to dealer but still not the price orignally quoted. Moral of the story? Never trust anything to do with Milton...
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    Xbox in the boot?

    Hi guys, wanting to put an xbox into the A3. I know i can use the av in / out on my dvd player but is it just a case of getting a power inverter and plugging it in?
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    Chipping Higher Mileage S3

    Getting my 02 1.8T revo'd next weekend and thats got 145k on it, its had the chain tensioner etc rebuilt and ive asked around and by all accounts it'll be ok. So im going for it.
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    Phatbox via Ebay beware

    On the good side its a wkd bit of kit, got loads of tunes uploaded now.
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    Phatbox via Ebay beware

    Got a phatbox on ebay through rally959 claiming to be in Milton Keynes as it was already in uk i didnt mind too much the £199.99 price, thus avoiding any import tax etc. Got a letter from parcelforce today saying that they were holding my phatbox as there were customs charges to pay totally...
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    Is the cable there?

    I've got a OE tv tuner on the way for my A3 (2002) and was wondering if anyone knows if the cable to the nav+ screen is already there or i have to lay a new one.
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    Big bill on way!!

    Took my 02 plate A3 1.8T to my local dealer this morning for a new toothed belt expecting around the £400 mark until i got a call saying that there was a fault code showing Timing chain tensioner fault. It has done 145k so it was probably only a matter of time until i had some drama. Now been...
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    Tv cable

    Just got the O/E factory tuner off ebay to fit to my A3. Anyone know what cable i'll now need to connect to the nav plus screen? Got the aerial sorted part no 4D0 919 146. Any ideas?
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    Phat box on way!

    Having recently got an A3 1.8T im missing my mp3 player from my Vw. So after reading all about them in various places ive got one on order off ebay. Will let you know just how good and how eay to fit they are