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    Steering Rack

    hi guys, not been active for a while due work and other stuff. not much has happened apart from a new clutch and odd repairs. but I now require a steering rack. I have spoken to all the local parts suppliers and they wont a lot of money for a recon unit which usually wouldn't bother me but I...
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    2.0l block

    HI all my dad is having his or should I say wanting his s3 bored out but he has been told that his block isnt suitable for a 2.0l bore as the block in not a 'wet sleeve' engine. Its apy 2000 engine same as mine and this is not something iv seen talked about. Is this fact or fiction?
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    no rear washer

    since iv had my s3 the rear washer hasnt worked. the pump runs but no water checked the jet an its not blocked. is there a common place to look for split pipes as theres no water under my car so im worried it might be filling up in my car. anywhere i should check??
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    a MAF question

    hi iv been reading alot in peoples build threads about changing the MAF for that of a vr6. my question is my car has a duff sensor and as im planning on modding the car with hybrid turbo and other surporting mods would my car run ok if i was to replace it now with a vr6 MAF so i dont have to pay...
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    £100 downpipe?

    I seen this while floating about on ebay. What do you guys think worth a punt for the money or stay clear?? AUDI A3 S3 1.8T 3" STAINLESS STEEL DOWNPIPE DECAT | eBay
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    Does anybody meet up in out area. Im in winsford if anybody get together. Be nice to meet some people with the same intrests lol
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    power to clocks

    Hi just wondering if anybody knew which wires feed the clocks and display with 12v as im replacing my screen in the dash and was wanting to test it before I put them back in cheers
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    While the weather has been cold iv noticed my car hasnt been getting hot, changed the coolant and such but made no difference so I thought I would change my stat. Iv located what looks like the housing and removed it but no stat inside. The part iv removed is the plastic housing next to the sai...
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    Under my shuttler board on the drivers side there is a white box. Can anyone tell me what this as mine has wires running from it out in to my wheel wells. Their not connected to anything but they are linked out and im not sure why??iv broken the loop and nothing changed, no faults or anything...
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    track rod arm

    just wondering if it is possible to replace one track rod arm from a s3? has anybody done this before iv done it in other cars in the past just not sure it is possible on the s3. mines a 2000 if it makes a difference. does anybody have a one lying around i could buy?? cheers
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    Hi all!!

    just thought i would get my first post on the board before my purchase. due to be buying my first s3 in the next couple of weeks so im sure to be posting with questions and ideas as i have lots, so maybe with some guidance ill be able to build something special and try some new things i have...