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    VW Golf Mk 6 Door Issues

    Hello all again! good to be back on this site! hope someone can help my wifes Golf Mk 6 2010 drivers door has dropped, i can seem to see any play in it, but its dropped so much its been rubbing on the sil and its gone through the paint. anyone else had this issue? anyone changed doors or...
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    VW Golf Mk 6 1.6 TDI issues!!

    Right lads seeing as i used to get so much help here for the S3 thought id see if anyone can shed a bit of light on the Mrs Golf one night i filled it to the top with fuel diesel (we've checked receipt) the next morning drove 30miles no issues, after being stopped for 20mins she was driving...
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    S3 Door Issues

    Hey needing the advice of this forum again! ive got issues with my drivers door closing, takes ages to get it to close properly and occasionally it will open while driving!! ive found some threads on here (tried to realighn the door with jack and the windows) but issue still there do i need...
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    Key and Fob

    Hi all, i have lost my 2nd key fob, is there anyway i can get a new one without going to a dealer? as there is none on the island i live! any info much appreciated Thanks
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    Led Bulbs

    Sorry i know its been done to death! just cant find info from search anyone changed brake, reverse, and indicator bulbs to led ones? what are the types of bulbs and any good places to buy? iam away from home just now and wanna get them ordered before iam home :) P.S Happy New Year!!
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    Strange Pump issue

    Hi guys, ive just had a flat battery a few times on the S3 and found that there is a heater (connected to heater/ cooling pipes) with a small pump, on the front of engine above the fans which seems to be running for a long time. anyone any idea what it is for? and how long it should run for...
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    2002 S3 headlamp issues

    So the drivers bulb went out on me a mnth ago, didnt get chance to change right away and it started working, now its just gone off again! so ive swapped the bulbs over, and its not the bulbs next up ballast?? or something else to check? audi just told me i cant buy the ballast seperatly and...
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    bit of advice needed

    hi again been a while but knew id be back! 2002 S3 had MOT done and got a cpl of advisories, along with a few aqueeks and rattles id like to sort over xmas just needing to decificer the mot to make sure i get right bits offside/nearside rear trailing arm rubber bush deterioated but not...
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    Phatnoise System

    Alright lads, Anyone happen to have a phatnoise / Phatbox docking station for the computer kicking about? mine has gone walkabout during a house move a year ago and im getting sick of the music on mine!! cheers
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    2002 S3 Rear Springs

    Hi guys found part of a spring on my drive on sunday and found lower part of drivers rear spring broke, just looking for a quick step by step on replacing it as i plan to replace tomorow night are the standard springs too small for compressors? and is there a chance of drive shaft popping...
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    Weird Noise on Golf TDI 2010

    Wondering about a strange noise on my GFs Golf, when she goes over 20mph theres a ping noise coming from the dash, wondering what its for? and how to get it to stop as it annoying!! also wondering about the general opinion about long life services on a TDI golf its been 18mnths from new and...
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    2002 S3 Sevice Work

    Hi guys just a quicky to see if anyone has any ideas on things i should ask the garage to look at for me as the car is going for a service on Friday, its a 2002 S3 with 93,000 miles has new brakes all round (done by me) timing belt was done at 70k looking for things they could check aside...
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    Strange noise from front end

    Hi guys, just wondering if someone mite point me in right direction with a few things, my 2002 S3 is making a squeaking noise from the front poss around breaks area, best to take off calipers and copper slip behind pads? also what common bushes etc need changing as mine is making a few...
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    DVD Player

    Alright lads, just bought myself a house and very swiftly after bought a 46inch sony 3d tv but now im needing a dvd player to match? anyone wanna recommed? im thinking sony because i can use one remote? etc but needs to play 3d of course! cheers
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    where does the CD Changer normally go?

    Hello all Just bought a CD Changer from Ebay for the boot and wondering where is factory fitted? above sub?? does it need a special frame? Cheers Guys
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    Need advice on new rear discs and pads

    Hi again guys, just looked at my back discs and pads arent in such good shape. anyone recommend good ones? Pagid from eurocar parts? OEM? I can get OEM ones from TPS for 28.80 for discs and 23.86 for pads. but ideally i would like cleaner brakes anyone with advice cheers Matt
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    Quick Opinoin on Alloy Colour

    Got a set of 18" RS4 alloys and need to get them refurbed. looking for some ideas of what colour to go for, standard CE Silver, CE silver with a black undercoat (makes it a bit darker) or Shadow Effect Silver (silver on fronts and gets darker as it goes through spokes)?? ideas or pics would...
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    2002 S3 drivers window trouble

    ok guys, put my windoow down the other night for a copper of all people and then it wouldnt go back up, managed to push it back up. just removed the door card and found the motor looks good when disconectted from gears its running no noises etc, however have found loose cable and looks like its...
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    18" RS4 Alloys

    Going to view a set of alloys, they are 18" RS4 7 spoke, with tyres PCD 100 5 sure they will fit but just for some reasurance will they?? also most likely reps what do u reckon is a decnt price for them with tyres?? ballpark figure (of course depenant on condition) cheers
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    Rough Ideling S3 - Troubleshooting

    My 2002 S3 has developed a rough running at idle only occasionally when started from cold, not every time normally when left for longer periods. after reading many threads on here about similar problems i have come to conclusion i should change spark plugs and coil packs. can someone tell me...