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    B6 Brochure

    Does anyone have an archive of the A4 B6 brochures? I know there's a thread on here with a link to the Audi website, but they appear to have been removed?
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    B6 Door handle illumination

    Sorry would do a part number request but I can't find it after the update? Is the optic for illuminated door handles available as a separate part? Or does the entire handle have to be bought
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    CCM Reverse Engineering

    No idea if this is the correct section so please move if its not! In short, has anyone ever attempted this? There are a variety of tweaks that have been found on the Golf MK4 platform CCM, see here. And I wonder if anyone has ever tried this with the B6? If not, is there any features or...
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    New member - Future Owner

    Hi all, new to the forum and Audi! Had a Golf MK2 GTi for a while but wanted a B6 Avant for sometime and I'm finally in the position to get one. Going to post in the Wanted second later but if anyone has got anything to look out for then that would be great!