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  1. The Doctor

    Wheel arches rusting

    Apply Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 for metal with remaining minor corrosion, or Electrox primer if completely corrosion free.
  2. The Doctor

    Detailing World

    Well is your username something like "muthafckuer" or what?
  3. The Doctor

    Detailing World

    I am a member of DW - joined a couple of years ago. Seems strange to get that message back.
  4. The Doctor

    Autumn Detail Or Wait Till Spring 2015

    I clay, polish & wax mine every spring & early autumn.
  5. The Doctor

    Single stage Enhancment and swirl removal on a friends 17yr old Subaru Impreza..

    This is hilarious! Lovely transformation of a classic motor.
  6. The Doctor

    The Ever Elusive Mk1 RS2000

    Bootiful, really bootiful.
  7. The Doctor

    shopping List

    Invest in a pressure washer first if you don't already have one. No point buying nice smelly shampoos and waxes if you're scratching the paintwork during the wash stage, no matter how carefully you go with the mitt.
  8. The Doctor

    Audi S4 Paint Enhancement Detail

    Cannot believe the starting condition of that paintwork! God only knows how that had been cleaned in its previous life. Unbelievable.
  9. The Doctor

    Detailing Routine

    I find a snowfoam treatment releases much more crud from the paintwork when rinsed with the pressure washer before hand washing. I only occasionally use snowfoam in the summer, but always use it in the winter when the car gets dirty in the space of a couple of days.
  10. The Doctor

    So I had a bash at cleaning my own car for once today!

    Looks fine, except someone's nicked your rims in the 3rd photo. Some tips: Rinse the car before you start washing it, to remove any loose dirt/debris. Rinse from top down, ideally with a pressure washer but if not then a hose with a spray attachment. Use 2 buckets - 1 for washing (with...
  11. The Doctor

    How often to clean mitts etc

    Forgot to mention - I wash mine after every car wash. Lambswool mitt lasts about a year, & I tend to wash the car every other week or so. Trick I find is not to wring out the mitt to reduce the risk of it shedding the wool - just squeeze it.
  12. The Doctor

    How often to clean mitts etc

    Personally I rinse them by hand to remove any loose dirt/fine particles and then hand wash them in non-bio washing powder before fully rinsing and drying naturally (not on a radiator). I know some people recommend using liquid detergent to ensure that there is no un-dissolved powder caught in...
  13. The Doctor

    Quick clean for the new car....

    Engine bay is superb, well done.
  14. The Doctor

    Plea to ban motorists washing their cars in the street!

    Ha ha, love that emotion warren-S3!! I'm with you mate. I'll be hurled into the back of a cop car still clinging onto my wash mit and detailing brush before I stop washing my own car.
  15. The Doctor

    My RS4 Avant!!

    Fantastic, love the white interior & contrasting black paintwork. Let me guess, you left the place and was immediately side-swiped by a passing cyclist?
  16. The Doctor

    Pressure washer or DA polisher?

    Hmm, interesting responses, thanks guys. Glad I posted my thoughts now. If I go down the pressure washer route which basically you're all advising, then what brand/model would you recommend from your experience? I've heard that the induction motor models are better than the universal motor...
  17. The Doctor

    Pressure washer or DA polisher?

    Hi guys, I have an unusual opportunity to spend a couple of hundred £s on the car & it's a choice between either a pressure washer or a DA polishing kit. I usually use a normal garden hose with the Gilmour Foamaster foam gun from PB as a pre-wash, then a lambswool mit & 2 bucket method to wash...
  18. The Doctor

    tooth paste on headlights

    Any before/after pics? Apart from giving you minty-fresh head lights I guess its fine abrasive action just removes any surface film?
  19. The Doctor

    Show how dirty your car is...

    Mine's finally getting cleaned tomorrow. I can't bring myself to post a pic of it as it looks now! I've just not had the time to clean it and when I have it's been literally freezing. No Eastern European washes for my car - only 1 person washes it and that's me! If that means it has to wait a...
  20. The Doctor

    Cleaning under car

    I Waxoyled mine a couple of years ago for that very reason, after giving it a good clean off with water & an old dustpan brush. Messy job but well worth it. I think I'll get under it again in the summer and check it/give it another coat. Anyone tried the Karcher chassis cleaner?