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  1. Scotty2011

    Facelift Warning brake servo inoperative?

    What was the outcome of this? I had the same message appear a couple days ago, car felt absolutely fine and the message disappeared a few moments after.
  2. Scotty2011

    sport exhaust vs non sport

    I had the sports exhaust on my PFL and now have the standard exhaust on my FL. Sports exhaust on the PFL much noticeably louder especially with the pops and bangs, standard exhaust is just quieter and less raw but suits me fine as I found the sports a bit too much after while.
  3. Scotty2011

    Tyre/wheel advice

    Thanks for the responses! Saves me forking out £££ when I have 2 perfectly good 235’s in my garage.
  4. Scotty2011

    Tyre/wheel advice

    Just a question for anyone with better knowledge on wheels and tyres. My front 2 tyres are fairly worn, and needing replacing soon. The front tyres are 255’s however, I have 2 x 235’s that I took off my pre facelift which haven’t done many miles. Can I fit the 235 tyres on to my fronts which...
  5. Scotty2011

    Respray Ara Blue RS3

    Kinghorn body shop in Blackburn (Aberdeen) are very good. Quite pricey but they do a very good job.
  6. Scotty2011

    Exhaust rattle warranty claim

    I have unplugged my valves and there is still a rattle upon start up. It’s not as bad as it was but it’s still there for the first few minutes.
  7. Scotty2011

    Exhaust rattle warranty claim

    Whaaat??! Reason I also ask is, we were at Audi today looking at Q3’s for my wife, they had a very similar specced Q3 around the back where customers cars sit waiting for repairs/service etc, so we had a wee nosey at the that. I noticed 3 RS3 exhausts sitting there outside looking a bit sorry...
  8. Scotty2011

    Exhaust rattle warranty claim

    Just wondering if anyone has had their exhaust rattles in the facelift fixed through Audi? Wondering if they can actually fix it and whether I can actually be bothered with the hassle. Thanks
  9. Scotty2011

    Where are you from?

    Aboyne - Scotland
  10. Scotty2011

    RS3 (PFL) vs RS3 (FL)

    My valves also jammed open on my PFL (sports exhaust) now and then. It was a total pain and very noisy. Ended up not speccing the sports exhaust on my FL and think it sounds great. I couldn't drive around with the valves constantly open on my PFL, would just do my head in.
  11. Scotty2011

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    They a They all do. Your car will be in QC the day your build week was due to start.
  12. Scotty2011

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    So Mine took 2 days, now on route to Ingolstadt!
  13. Scotty2011

    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    How long does the car typically stay in quality control? I’m guessing a few days but how has everyone’s sat there for?
  14. Scotty2011

    Performance issues

    I get this too but only since I fitted MPSS and got rid of the P-zeros. I usually drive with traction control off when having a bit of fun.
  15. Scotty2011

    To much camber on front anyone notice the same?

    Mine also wore more on the outter edges when I replaced the P-zeros to MPSS.
  16. Scotty2011

    2016 RS3 non-starter/"do not exceed 4000rpm"

    What age is your car? This problem seems to be with RS3's all around the same age.
  17. Scotty2011

    Removing Number plates

    Yeah. I you're taking off the plate, also use dental floss. Very good for taking it off without damaging or scratching anything
  18. Scotty2011

    Removing Number plates

    Tar remover or glue remover and microfibre cloth. Heating up the adhesive with a hair dryer to soften helps too.
  19. Scotty2011

    Facelift Standard exhaust

    The cars tend to pop and crackle less once the oil temps etc are up.