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  1. DeadxDawn

    S3/RS3/TT Same Rear Diff?

    My 16' S3 has a bad rear diff clutch, and a local wrecker has a complete diff from a 16' S3, or a complete rear diff from a 17'TT. Not wanting to put another 2016 diff back in, would the 17' TT have the same rear? The wrecker said its part code PYP...
  2. DeadxDawn

    S3 8V vs RS# Rear Dif Components

    Been awhile since I posted anything.. My rear dif cratered on my 2016 S3 last year. Audi claimed it was the rear haldex clutch assembly, pump, possibly controller, based on the codes (although they didn't open up the diff or pull the pump). Car was flagged because of stage 2 tunes, so I'm...
  3. DeadxDawn

    Rear Clutch Assy / Rear Diff Part #'s

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the rear diff/ clutch assembly, or an etka style blow up parts chart? 16' S3 Im starting to look for my replacement parts on my kaplooey rear diff that Audi isn't fixing, and Im sitting 9 hours away from where my car is stored. Thanks!
  4. DeadxDawn

    Rear Clutch Assembly Kaput

    Been having a lot of issues with my haldex , lack of power to rear, lots of fwd tire spin, took it into the dealership, and was told my rear clutch assembly is shot, and they recommend replacing the pump and controller as well. td1'd my car, so no warranty. Yep. among other things... Anyways...
  5. DeadxDawn

    Obnoxious noise from engine bay at higher rpm's

    So, I noticed right after going stage 2, and CTS catted DP on my 16' S3, that I get this obnoxious engine bay sound at higher RPMs. Sounds good until about 4k rpm, then just eww. Haven't had a chance to really figure out what it is, as I'm back at work, thought I'd ask if anyone else ran into...
  6. DeadxDawn

    Deads Car build thread

    Thought I'd make a thread on my car, and add my updates here! All work was done by me unless otherwise noted. So, onto details: back in July, traded my 15 GLI on a 16 S3 base. And I mean base. No back up cam, no push start.... Immediately, I did: -H&R Super sport springs -RS3 grill -Res...
  7. DeadxDawn

    Moisture comin through vents??

    In my 16' S3, Ive noticed when running my hvac with just the fan, fresh air, no A/C, theres alot of moisture in the air coming through the vents, its very humid. It doesnt stop, neither during city driving or during long highway drives. Tonight, with fresh air on, trying different temps...
  8. DeadxDawn

    New to the forum

    Been lurking around for a few weeks, seems pretty active on here, so I thought I'd sign up! I live in northern Alberta, Canada. Coming from a long line of VW ownership (18 to date), and one Audi 5000 way back. always wrenched on my own vehicles, and have had some pretty fun rides (Squareback on...