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  1. DaveW

    Long delays for new orders due to WLTP emissions testing

    Sorry to bring this old thread up again, but just thought I'd share this. My cancelled A4 order has still not been sold by Audi and its available here, looks a nice car:
  2. DaveW

    New A4 MMI - Sending location from MyAudi app to car issue

    Makes you wonder how much testing they perform (or not!)
  3. DaveW

    New A4 MMI - Sending location from MyAudi app to car issue

    On my A6 C8, I have the "received tours and destinations" button, I press that and it shows everything sent from the myAudi app. I think it could be an issue with the MMI software? To answer an earlier question, I don't think your car can use your iPhones data, as I dont think iPhones support...
  4. DaveW

    2020 Audi A4 myAudi Login Issues

    I remember this happening on my old C7, but don't know if it's applicable to the B9; there was a separate licence for SMS dictation and Audi had only extended the "main" licence for me. I had to pester Audi CS for ages to extend the dictation licence as well.
  5. DaveW

    Decisions, decisions...

    Do they offer a paid update once the 3 years are up, be interesting to see how much?
  6. DaveW

    Annoying Message on Car Start Up

    I've seen other threads about this, I think it just affects iPhone users with a certain version of iOS?
  7. DaveW

    Decisions, decisions...

    The forum is saved, it'd be chaos if you left :yahoo:
  8. DaveW

    Is it worth to have data sim if you have Audi Connect?

    Theres no web browser in Audis. The data SIM is required for wifi hotspot, but it's also needed for web radio, or online music streaming (amazon or napster). If your phone supports bluetooth rSAP profile (mainly Samsung devices), you can use your phones data instead.
  9. DaveW

    Does VW Group 10% No-Deal Brexit surcharge for UK buyers apply to Audi

    Some of us neither want nor afford to take risks. I have type 1 diabetes and I dread to think of what would happen in the event of a breakdown in the supply of my medication.
  10. DaveW

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    Massive torque in the S4 TDi 700nm :astonished:
  11. DaveW

    New Facelift S4 (with Photos)

    Thinking of the reasoning behind the fake outlets. The S range is identifiable by quad exhausts, in the same way that RS is synonymous with twin ovals. Maybe a single exhaust was used as part of a weight-saving exercise, so Audi used fakes on one side to keep the "S look" intact?
  12. DaveW

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    I love it, not sure about the silver strip on the back bumper around the exhausts, or the interior colour. But the front and side views are great. Just wish I had the cash :weary:
  13. DaveW

    Intermittent android auto connection

    Maybe you could install the Samsung "Good Lock" app and then the "Routines" plug in for it. You could then set up a routine on your phone that when it connects to your vehicle (either bluetooth or USB) it would then launch AA on your phone. Could be worth a try.
  14. DaveW

    Does VW Group 10% No-Deal Brexit surcharge for UK buyers apply to Audi

    I think a big effect of Brexit is the uncertainty it has created in consumer confidence. No one knows what is going to happen financially and people are more risk-averse when it comes to parting with money.
  15. DaveW

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    Just comparing the engine specs of the S4/S6 and there seems to be no difference in power /torque between the two models (349PS/700NM)? What's the point in getting an S6 (performance wise), or am I missing something?
  16. DaveW

    MMI 10 digit code

    I'd get onto Audi UK customer service and ask them. You've probably spent plenty on the car already and asking 70 for a code seems like they are taking liberties...
  17. DaveW

    Have you heard the S4/S5 rumour...

    You've gotta love Thomas
  18. DaveW

    What is this ?

    It's just protection strips, they are used to protect new vehicles in transit in case of bumps.
  19. DaveW

    MyAudi - Update your Pin...

    Too busy dreaming about CLA's no doubt :yes: