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  1. DaveW

    Trading-In A4

    Big day tomorrow! I'm trading in my A4 S-Line 2.0 TDi; I've owned from new for 2 and a half years and it has been a fantastic car (my first Audi). I'm really going to miss it :bye: In its place, I'll be picking up a brand new A6 S-Line 2.0 TDi, I'm really excited about the new car; I hope the...
  2. DaveW

    What colour is your Car??

    Brilliant black, but Sepang blue is my favourite Audi colour
  3. DaveW

    2.0TDI fuel economy

    Blimey, I'm just shocked that people can afford to brim their tanks with current fuel prices :)
  4. DaveW

    New to this section...

    welcome aboard :)
  5. DaveW

    A4 Phantom Black Black Edition Avant Delivered

    looks great, especially the rims.
  6. DaveW

    My A4 2.0 TDI B8 - Remapped today! Pics and results :)

    Nice increase in power, how much did the remap cost, if you don't mind me asking? Thanks, Dave
  7. DaveW

    Photoshoot of new mods on the Audi!

    Clever with the 'in 2 places at once' pic, looks a nice car.
  8. DaveW

    Oil Level not showing up on the display ?

    How long were these drives for? I know the computer won't show the oil level until the engine is up to temperature.
  9. DaveW

    Headlight washers.

    Well, they didn't work at first, it took a good couple of hors driving, then they finally started working. There must have been some ice still in the system. You may already know this, but just in case you didn't (like me!), as well as the headlamp washers coming on every 5th squirt of the...
  10. DaveW

    Headlight washers.

    Just stuck my head out the door and mine appear to have retracted. I'll give 'em a go a bit later.
  11. DaveW

    Headlight washers.

    How did you get on, redspudder? Mine's the same :(
  12. DaveW

    Roof Fin

    Better with, IMHO :)
  13. DaveW


    I'm sad enough to sometimes 'count my squirts' so I can see the headlamp washers pop out!
  14. DaveW

    Audi Blutooth & HTC Desire

    I've just ordered a HTC HD2 - I hope I don't have the same problem. My Xperia X1 works fine.
  15. DaveW

    My 2010 Sprint Blue S4

    WOW! :hubbahubba:
  16. DaveW


    Niiiiiiice :)
  17. DaveW

    It's here...........

    Congrats - don't forget to post some pics when you pick it up ;)
  18. DaveW

    Media Card Reader – Maximum Card Size

    The A4 can only read SD cards and not SDHC. The largest SD card is 4GB, I have one of these:- and it works fine. Good luck, Dave
  19. DaveW

    S-Line Xenons

    I've noticed that when the headlamps first switch on, you can see the beam pattern move up, then down. Is this the self-levelling system at work?
  20. DaveW

    My A4 with OEM styling "Phantom" (Many pictures)

    Looks very nice. However, I think it looked nicer with the silver/black split rims you had on earlier. Dave