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    Saloon Rear window regulator help

    Hi. So half an hour ago my rear regulator on my 2015 s3 saloon decided to snap, while the window was down. It is completely jammed shut. I’ve removed the door cards and I’m currently trying to figure out how to remover the regulator from the glass. It looks like 2 plastic tubes running through...
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    Coolant leak on freezing days

    Hi. 2015 s3 here. A couple of months back on a very cold morning I drove to work and got a coolant level warning light on the dash. I topped it up and went on my way and a couple of days later it happened again so I decided to put the car on axle stands And get under the car to see if I could...
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    S3 eibach creaking

    Hi. i installed eibach pro springs on my 2015 s3 saloon and ever since I am getting some creaking/twanging noises from the front right when I turn the steering wheel while stationary or crawling. I replaced the top mounts with genuine items too to rule that out but it didn’t fix it. It must be...
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    Magride alternatives

    Hi.I have a 2015 s3 saloon and I find the magride to be the worst suspension I’ve ever experienced. In particular, while driving over small bumps, speed bumps etc or driving off small kerbs especially when not straight on. Sometimes it is so harsh that I’m sure my head had almost hit the ceiling...
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    Rear puddle light Coding help

    Hi. I installed puddle & warning lights in my 2015 s3 a while ago. I coded the front doors but never got round to doing the rears so I had a go tonight. However VCDS won’t let me do anything with the long coding on the rear doors. I am getting this message: Can anyone tell me what do I need to...
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    Shock removal bolt snap

    I’m in trouble. Went to install my new eibach springs. Got one side done, lovely. Second side, the bottoms shock bolt was fairly tight and BOOM. It snapped. 1. Is the strut itself threaded? 2. If so, How in the name of god am I going to remove the bolt
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    B&O issues

    Hi. I’m having a bit of bother with my B&O soundsystem in my 2015 S3 Sometimes my subwoofer is working and sometimes it is not. It never cuts out while it’s on, it just isn’t on sometimes when I fire up the car. Also according to my VCDS scan, the two rear treble speakers are suffering from...
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    Woke up to a Christmas tree dash

    Hi. Switched on the car this morning to a load of warning lights, no power steering, ABS, warnings… you name it, I have it. Could it be the battery or something? I did a scan with VCDS.. here’s the results Wednesday,19,May,2021,10:15:28:29294 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on...
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    Ridiculous gear change!!

    I’m at a crossroads with my 2015 S3. I love the looks, I love the spec, I’ve just retrofitted B&O so it sounds amazing however….. the gear change from 1st to 2nd and sometimes 2nd to 3rd has me on the brink on selling it. Many times have I looked like a first time driver doing a driving lesson...
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    B&O intermittent sub

    Hi. I recently retrofitted B&O. I sourced all the parts second hand. every so often when I switch the tunes on, there is no sub woofer. before I go throwing money at replacing speakers/amp etc, is this fault code pointing towards the woofer itself being at fault? I have checked the sub wires...
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    Sound deadening advice

    Hi. So I recently retrofitted the B&O soundsystem to my S3 saloon and it’s become quite obvious that some sound deadening is in order The rear shelf in particular rattles like crazy when the bass is cranked up so I’ll be doing that top and bottom. while I’m at it I’d like to do a bit on the 4...
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    Wanted S3 8v pre- facelift black grill

    I’m looking to buy a black grill for my 2015 prefacelift Audi s3. Same as the one on the pic. I need it poster to Ireland too. Tia
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    Top Service !!

    Im just writing this post to say what a great service @DJAlix provides. Twice now he has sorted me out big time, the latter time coding in my B&O retrofit. I live in Ireland but he did it remotely via teamviewer which was great as there is noone around my part of the country with the expertise...
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    Enabling B&O

    Hi. Yesterday I completed the physical retrofit of B&O in my 2015 s3. I’m pretty certain I have everything wired up correctly however I need some advice on how to get my car to acknowledge the new system with VCDS. I don’t know how to configure it in the 5f. Can anyone tell me what changes I...
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    VCDS help needed for B&O

    Hi. So today I did my B&O retrofit on my 2015 s3 saloon. Everything is installed however I fired up VCDS to code it in however I can’t figure out how to do it. When I go to open 47-Soundsystem, I’m getting ‘no response from controller’ Can someone advise me on what to do? (I have genuine...
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    Door wiring pin out

    Hi. Does anyone have The key/pin out for the block connectors that go to the 4 doors? 2015 s3 saloon TIA
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    8v B&O door wiring

    Hi. I’m gathering all the parts to do a B&O retrofit on my s3 saloon. I have an interior loom on the way which has the wiring up to the doors. I had a look last night at the door loom connectors and realised they are a big block with no real space around them to run additional wires into the...
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    Saloon Rear B&O Shelf Speakers

    I am compiling parts for my B&O retrofit. Can anyone tell the what bolts are required to mount the rear effects speakers and sub to the rear shelf? Also, anyone who has completed this, Is it possible to feed additional wires through to the doors or did you wire in to the factory block connectors?
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    Wanted 8v B&O retrofit wiring looms

    Hi. I have purchased B&O speakers and amp that I’m going to install in my 2015 8v saloon, I bought an interior loom of however I overlooked the fact that the loom doesn’t include the wiring in the doors so this is what I’m looking for. I would also take a complete B&O loom if there was...
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    B&O wiring loom

    Hi. I’m just about to start compiling parts for my B&O retrofit for my 2015 s3 saloon. The speakers and amps are readily available but there are only a handful of car looms available. Then I came across this complete loom on AliExpress. Has anyone used it...