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  1. AdamsDad

    Tyres - Maximum Flange Shield

    Recommendations for the best MFS tyres please .. 235 / 35 /19 .. or any advice on avoiding stone chips - Not kerbing .. Thks. A
  2. AdamsDad

    For Sale Audi A4 8E / 8H / QB6 15mm H&R Wheel Spacers

    Garage clearout .. These have never been fitted , changed mind to bigger alloys. Detail .. Part no .. 3055571 A4 Type:8E / 8H / QB6 These H&R Spacers are 15mm wide and give a total track widening of 30mm Stud Patten: 112 / 5 Bore:57.1mm Photo will not load ? but happy to send pix to email...
  3. AdamsDad

    For Sale Audi A4 8E / 8H / QB6 10mm H&R Wheel spacers

    Garage clearout .. These have never been fitted , changed mind to bigger alloys. Detail .. Part no .. 2055571A Type:8E / 8H / QB6 These H&R Spacers are 10mm wide and give a total track widening of 20mm Stud Patten: 112 / 5 Bore:57.1mm These are DR Version A type spacers - DR Version A Photo...
  4. AdamsDad

    Movement control Sensor - where is it ?

    S4 Cabby - Where is this located on the car please ? Address 45: Inter. Monitor Labels: 8E0-951-177.lbl Part No: 8H0 951 178 Component: Innenraumueberw. 0411 Coding: 00001 Shop #: WSC 00000 VCID: 6FBA2396EE88E053BA8-50AE 6 Faults Found: 01350 - Alarm via Theft...
  5. AdamsDad

    Which Coolant for S4 - 4.2 - Recommendations plse.

    Recommendations please for coolant change - what do you use ? Do you use distilled water ? What mix - 50:50 ? Any advice welcome - it appears straight forward, Thks. A
  6. AdamsDad

    Battery problem ?

    My battery went flat a couple of weeks ago and i had it on charge for a few days - upon hooking it back up it still failed to turn the engine over. Charger is fully auto job and said it was fully charged - no warning lights on Dash. Car jump started and ran for 60mins and still failed to start...
  7. AdamsDad

    8" screen Android - S4.b6 fitting

    Anybody fitted one of these ? 8 inch screen but states will fit b6 A4-S4 - dont fancy taking it all apart to find it jst not right ..thks Brand: Erisin Manual: Yes, English only Manufacturer Part Number: 8284AHB MPN: erisincaraudio 3G/4G Internet: Yes,extra 3G/4G Modem needed OBD2: Yes...
  8. AdamsDad

    Simple Question - Android or Audi ..

    Really unsure which way to go ... Read all the posts .. fed up now ..SO Simple answer please android or Audi
  9. AdamsDad

    Canton Accusump for S4 prolong Timing chain guides ?

    Anybody fitted one of these to there S4 I picked up on a thread on US Audi about using them to prolong timing chain guides etc Comments , thoughts gentlemen please ..
  10. AdamsDad

    Scan code errors - S4 cabby - just a few :-[

    Had the car scanned for errors , some of which I knew about ( sort of ) . This is the result and what I think I need to look at to fix them- highlighted in blue BUT I am more than happy to be corrected or offered alternate solutions to the errors shown. A sense check please .. Thanks Andy. I...
  11. AdamsDad

    Anybody local to Pontefract to scan my car - S4 cabby roof probs

    Beer tokens for scan please .... Roof and other issues Need a scan to see whats going on.. I work nights so evening or weekends , can travel Cheers Andy ..
  12. AdamsDad

    Passenger side will not lock..

    Any advice on this please ... PS Door will not lock off central locking - manual or key Checked wire loom in door hinge and nothing broken Windows / mirrors etc all work , so power is getting threw .. Drivers door works fine ? Removed door card no obvious issue can be seen .. :help...
  13. AdamsDad

    S4 Cabby - slipping clutch ?

    Is this a problem ... Out on Sunday and was in a hurry .. Dropped from 4th to 3rd to accelerate past slower vehicle and watched engine spin up to it,s redline .. horrified.. Hardly any acceleration .. Is this a problem or am I asking something it cannot do given quattro / weight / bhp etc ...
  14. AdamsDad

    S4 b6 Cabby Retrofit RNSE - advice please

    Wanting to upgrade from single to double - read most of the guides but have a few questions .. OEM or after market ? The after-market appear to give you more for your money ?? What do you recommend Make /model - or OEM - part number. What have you fitted ?? I only want to do this once so...
  15. AdamsDad

    Thinking of buying this - S4 Cab

    Anybody come across this S4cabby on ebay - FY04 XEP 3 owners from Newport , all Female .. serviced by Audi Cardiff - all bills , all MOT,s Completed HPI check , no issues I can see ... Comments please
  16. AdamsDad

    Thinking of buying S4 Cab - S44 GJS

    Anybody come across this cab ? Looks decent but could it be too good 90k on clock , had new engine at 60k ? FSH - last done by Audi Basingstoke Anybody, coments please.. Thks Andy
  17. AdamsDad

    Sad to go ... but , got a B6

    The time has come to sell the B5 project :( and move on :bye: ................... to a B6. Anyone interested in the B5 can see it listed in classifieds has unfinished, wish I didn,t have to get rid but just dont have the time,money etc But we now have a sexy blue B6 with a MOT and Tax...
  18. AdamsDad

    Bonnet stuck

    Can any one help... pulled bonnet release under dash and feels like it has snapped or something,suffice to say it,s not working now. Tried pulling lever in the grille but no joy. I think i may have jammed the bonnet somehow over the weeked end when I last had it open. Is this a bumper/front...
  19. AdamsDad

    Spax RSX Coilovers B5 to B6 ?

    Any body know if these will fit a b6, I really dont want to sell them. The b5 will be broken :sadlike: so can robbed for any addiontal parts if needed Cheers Andy
  20. AdamsDad

    Upgrade ..Injectors ?

    Advice wanted .... Is it worth me upgrading the injectors on the B5 ?.. Already Fitted - Scroll K03 SP53 with cast exhaust manifold - decat pipe and 3" Custom exhaust, FMIC. Not Mapped .......yet I am more than happy with the car but just waiting for remap now. Comments please Thks Andy