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    Clunking noise when steering

    Well it turns out that the o/s/f coil spring has snapped! In hindsight, it was more of a twanging sound than a clunking sound. I've been quoted £65 for the spring plus £110 for fitting (1.5 hrs labour!) from my local specialist. Does this seem like a fair price to everyone? Where does...
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    Clunking noise when steering

    Hi guys, i've been away for the past month, and i took the car out for a quick drive last night, and i'm getting a loud clunking sound (sounds like its coming from underneath the front of the car) when i apply quite a bit of lock (mainly to the right i think) at low speed. It doesn't happen when...
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    Post your mileage

    Mine's a 52 plate S3 with 31k miles
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    Am I mad?

    I haven't really thought too much about price. I'll probably put it up for £7999 and see how things go.
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    Am I mad?

    If you decide to go for one, i'm prob going to be selling mine soon: Imola yellow Yellow alcantara 2002 52 plate 31k miles
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    Car Tax - Urgent question

    Thanks for the info guys. So its seems it'll be £215 for me this year. Out of interest, does anyone know why they choose 23 March 2006 as the major divide?
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    Car Tax - Urgent question

    Hi guys, my car tax expires at the end of May, and I've just been told that a new system is being introduced from 1st May. I've done a bit of research, and I was just wondering if you could confirm my understanding of the situation as follows: My 2002 52 plate S3, which emits 226 CO2(g/km)...
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    Mint, but way too expensive in current climate.
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    How many miles has your motor done

    Mine's just gone past 27k
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    What Oil for S3 (Again)

    Hi guys, sorry to ask this question again. I've done a search and read the faq but i'm still slightly unsure. My car's on AVS and I read that i'm meant to use a VW503.01 spec oil. Now I read somewhere else that this has been superceded by 504.00 spec?? Can someone clear this up for me...
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    De-bobbling alacantra seats?

    I just used a gillette razor and carefully shaved the seats. Seriously it does work! You'll get some weird looks from your neighbours though :) Also, don't use any shaving foam.......
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    Newbie looking at S3's

    How much did you pay for it if you dont mind me asking joe. I'm about to sell a very similar car: imola yellow, 52 plate, 23k miles, 18" RSTTs and I was wondering how much i could expect. PM me if you wish Thanks
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    Pic Request? Dolphin Grey..

    It's nothing really special - just a dechromed grill, some spacers and lowered. It does look good, but a lowered S3 is really impractical when it comes to speed bumps and inclines. Only problem with dolphin is that it completely hides the grey rubber strips along the side and on the rear bumper...
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    S3 Colours

    Mines going to be up for sale soon - 2002 52 plate with 23k miles. FASH. 18" RS4 alloys, and cheaper than the one in that pistonheads ad :)
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    S3 wheels

    Whats the offset on them. The rears look way off!
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    Time for a change?

    TBH i dont think you'll get anwhere near 11k for yours, but worth trying I suppose. S2000 is a great car - my bro had one for 3 years and I tried a couple before I bought the S3 but they weren't for me. Excellent for blatting down B roads with that screaming engine, but they must be one of...
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    How to post pics?

    Thanks olly
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    How to post pics?

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to post pics so they show up in the thread. I uploaded some pics to my gallery and put around the url but they show up as red crosses? Thanks
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    AMD One-click on Ebay

    Typical ebay - I bet some people are bidding thinking they'll be able to use it straight off without having to send it back to AMD
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    Cheapest place for brake pads

    Does anyone know of anywhere cheaper than Eurocarparts for front S3 brake pads? Their price is £44 inc vat + delivery. Thanks