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    Q8 Front Window Behaviour

    My S5 also does this!?
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    Q8 New Q8 owner!

    Really nice car! My Q8 is being delivered just before Christmas and will replace my S5 which is about to turn 3 years old. Looking forward to it after so many years of small sports hatchbacks and coupes. I love the design which Audi claims is derived from the early quattro models. I personally...
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    6½ Hours and a DA!

    I get really good results with autoglym. Snow foam and wash with conditioning shampoo. Two coats of HD wax twice yearly. So easy and so little effort to apply and polish off. Amazing results actually!
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    S5 Servicing Cost

    I bought a maintenance plan. £40 per month. Covers me for servicing and tyres. Now 1 year old and needs oil service and set of tyres at 14k miles. £480 a year seems reasonable for this??
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    Underwhelmed S5 Test Drive - Engine or Gearbox?

    I find every car has pros and cons. I previously owned a Golf R and if you go on that forum people are saying similar - problems with gearbox, engine, quality etc. Unfortunately there isn't a perfect car and there has to be compromise somewhere. The S5 is most definitely a fast GT cruiser not a...
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    S5 Annoyances

    Try a soapy microfiber on the bolsters and steering wheel. A few rubs and a clean damp microfiber to rinse off. Theyll come up like new - back to matt. After 14k miles mine still come up like new!
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    Bonnet locking error message

    I had this literally the day after I picked the car up. Noticed the bonnet wasn't perfectly aligned. Make a little adjustment to the driver's side and the error went away. No problems in 9 months.
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    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    Brilliant - thanks! I'll get under it at the weekend and give it another go.
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    S5 Exhaust Valve Mod

    I struggled and failed last weekend to disconnect either. Any hints/tips??
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    S5 now with Audi Exclusive colours

    Definitely going exclusive on my next car!!
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    S5 Alloy Options

    The standard alloys are one of the best Audi have made in my opinion. Have an up close look and feel of them. The gloss anthracite is lovely, they are so easy to clean, but importantly to me, the dirty up well - they look as good dirty as the do clean!
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    S5 Alloy Options

    I agree, It's totally personal. My other car is the mk7 Golf R which has the equivalent steering as standard kit. What I see to be different is 1 full turn to full lock rather than 1.5 turns to full lock? It doesn't sound much of a difference but it makes the Golf steering more pointy/sporty and...
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    S5 Alloy Options

    I personally prefer the standard alloys over the options although the rotors are nice. The standard look a 'little' like the Porsche GT3 RS - which I do like! I think the standard alloys also have more depth?
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    S5 Alloy Options

    Consider Dynamic Steering if you haven't ordered already. I didn't and regret it.
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    S5 spec

    Dynamic steering provides a much shorter turn of the steering wheel to manoeuvour and a greater feel of precision when driving. This type of steering came as standard on a Golf R I had for a couple of years. I've got used to it now but I think it would be a much better driving car with it. My...
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    S5 spec

    Make sure you order dynamic steering. I missed it out thinking it was something else.
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    Solid or Metallic

    I toyed with black and grey for a while as i prefer darker colours. However my other half got to choose the colour this time and she went for Misano Red. Really happy with it. Suits the lines of the car and looks 10 times better in the flesh than in pics.
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    Android MMI app and unlocked car problems

    No notifications on the android app. But it is good to check if you have locked properly.
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    extended LED interior lights

    You can customise the light colour and brightness to different areas of the cabin. Pretty much any colour. You can also set the driving modes to different colours.