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  1. mfl

    Time to say goodbye

    As I approach the 6 year point, its time part ways with the S3 and try a different brand of car . the VAG experience down-under ( plus 5 years with a GTI).has been a mix of good and bad. The recent expensive repairs and up yours attitude of Audi, made it time to say goodbye. I've enjoyed this...
  2. mfl

    Audi Sport Has No Interest In Drift Mode For Its Cars

    Just came across this article, says it all. While speaking with Motoring recently, Audi Sport's head of development Stephan Reil said that the company has no interest in making its vehicles go sideways. “No drift mode. Not in the R8, not in the RS 3, not in the RS 6, not in the RS 4. I don’t...
  3. mfl

    Xenon bulbs durability ?

    Did a search but no luck, how long do the Xenon bulbs last ? My car is just over 2 years old (not much night use) and the driver's side headlight is just a dim yellow on normal and high beam. Going to the dealer on Wednesday.
  4. mfl

    Roads tire than can survive track days

    I have done a search, but no joy but I was wondering are there any tires that might survive 1 or 2 track days a year without suffering the fate of my Conti's - they got through 1 track day, but the most recent track day saw the front driver side wheel lose a few small chunks. Tire pressure was...
  5. mfl

    Samsung S4 - txt messages not showing

    My S3 has the Navigation plus option (standard in our Oz S3) and is temperamental when it comes to showing txt messages on the screen - when it isn't working the screen shows 'no messages in inbox', but at other times it works as it should. I have deleted the phone profile a couple of times now...
  6. mfl

    Floret Silver compared to Ice Silver ?

    As the MY15 A3 or S3 aren't downunder yet, can some one tells us the difference between Ice Silver and Floret Silver, if any I was shown a Floret Silver A1, in the showroom under fluoro lights it looked like it had a slightly blue-ish tint compared to the Ice Silver. Was that just a trick of...